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GreenPro Locksmith is more than just a brand. We have a strong commitment to ensure your safety and dependability. We're here to strengthen the lives of our fellow Atlantans with solid, no-nonsense security solutions. Whether you're caught in an emergency lockout or planning a full-scale security revamp, we approach each challenge with a single goal in mind - your peace of mind and protection.


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At GreenPro Locksmith, we pride ourselves on being Atlanta's go-to source for reliable and professional locksmith services. Our commitment to excellence is reverberated through every aspect of our work, from emergency lockout assistance to comprehensive security solutions. We're constantly updating our methods and tools to stay ahead of the curve so that we can tackle even the most challenging lockout situations. Our team is also dedicated to continuous training in the latest security technologies, providing you with the best solutions available. Whether you need support for your vehicle, business, or home, our team is equipped with the expertise and tools to address your needs promptly and effectively.

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GreenPro Locksmith offers Quick & ReliableLocksmith Services in Atlanta.


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Professional Locksmith Services Offered by GreenPro Locksmith

GreenPro Locksmith is a registered and licensed locksmith company located in Atlanta that offers emergency locksmith, lockout, lock change, high-security lock installation, and all other general locksmith services in The Metro Atlanta area.

Deadbolt Replacement

GreenPro Locksmith offers emergency expert deadbolt replacement, repair, and installation in Atlanta and all surrounding areas. It…

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Auto Locksmith

As a professional, your priority should be to meet up with every appointment but being locked out of your car is something you can't anticipate. However,…

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Residential Locksmith

Imagine returning home to find your locks tampered with, or worse, your personal space violated by a break-in. It's not just the loss of valuables but the shattered sense of…

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Emergency Locksmith

GreenPro Locksmith offers emergency locksmiths in Atlanta and surrounding areas. No matter how careful or conscious you may be, there is always the possibility of losing…

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Commercial Lock Change

GreenPro Locksmith offers emergency business / commercial lock change, repair, replacement, and installation in Atlanta, GA. Any…

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Key Fob Programming

You've just walked out of the grocery store, arms full of bags, only to realize your key fob isn't working. It's a frustrating moment and, for many car owners, a…

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Auto Locksmith Services in Atlanta

Our auto locksmith services are designed to meet the needs of every car owner in Atlanta. We understand the frustration of being locked out or facing ignition troubles. Our professionals offer a range of services, including:

  • Emergency Vehicle Lockout Assistance: We provide rapid and efficient solutions to get you back into your vehicle as quickly as possible, ensuring minimal disruption to your day.
  • Key Duplication and Creation for All Vehicle Types: Whether you have a classic car or a modern vehicle with advanced security features, we can duplicate or create new keys, including transponder and smart keys, to ensure you always have access to your vehicle.
  • Ignition Repair and Replacement Services: We specialize in diagnosing and fixing ignition-related issues, ensuring your car starts smoothly and reliably every time.
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Professional Residential Locksmith Services

Our residential locksmiths can help keep your home safe and secure. We recognize that your home is your sanctuary, and our professional locksmith team is committed to providing the highest level of security and peace of mind:

  • Prompt Home Lockout Services: If you're locked out of your house, our team provides swift, non-destructive entry solutions to get you back inside quickly and safely.
  • Expert Lock Repair and Installation Services: We offer a full range of lock repair and installation services, from traditional deadbolts to advanced smart lock systems, ensuring your home is well-protected.
  • Home Security Assessments and Upgrades: We conduct thorough security assessments of your home and recommend the best upgrades, such as high-security locks or smart security systems, to enhance your home's safety.
  • Residential Rekeying Services: We offer rekeying services for your existing locks, providing a cost-effective way to enhance your home's security without the need for complete lock replacement.
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Commercial Locksmith Services

We provide a comprehensive range of commercial locksmith services to protect your business premises in Atlanta, GA. Our experienced team understands the unique security challenges faced by businesses and provides customized solutions. Efficient Master Key Systems: Streamline your business security with a master key system, allowing selective access across multiple locks and doors for simplified security management.

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Thomas Canover

I called the GreenPro Locksmith office and the agent said she would have the tech call me back. Doug called back within 10 minutes and then he arrived thirty minutes later. Doug was respectful, very professional, and friendly. I was pleased with his service and I will use them again. Doug did a great job.

Belinda Usher - Alpharetta, GA

I only had one key fob for my 06 Saab and I lost it, everyone I called said they couldn’t work on a Saab, I finally got GreenPro Locksmith, and they came right out, I don’t know if they charge more on the weekends, but I paid 930.00 for two programmed keys and the technician was friendly and kind, I think the dealership would have charged me more. I will for sure call GreenPro if I need a locksmith again in the future.

Megan Elliot - Buckhead, GA

Excellent service - called them upon arrival to ATL when I realized I had left my car keys at a relative’s house multiple states away. They were at my car within 29 minutes. Rich was friendly, courteous, and took the time to engage with my curious 6 year old on the locksmithing process. 100% pleased all around! I strongly recommend GreenPro Locksmith anyone needs a reliable locksmith technician.

Mike Kilgore - College Park, GA

Highly recommend GreenPro Locksmith. Rich and Derrick were professional, on time, friendly, and more importantly - experts!  My car was stranded in the parking lot. They pulled my '03 Acura ignition lock cylinder and rekeyed the lock. Success and I was on my way. Would not hesitate to call Rich or Derrick again for any lock need.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Most Common Questions We Receive

Got Questions? Please go over our FAQs for the most common questions we receive. If you still have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can a locksmith make a duplicate car key?

Most locksmiths can duplicate car keys, including those with special features like chips or remote start. They can provide this service often at a lower cost and with more convenience than car dealerships.

Are keypad locks secure?

Keypad locks offer keyless entry and can be secure when used correctly. It's important to choose a model with strong security features and to change the entry code periodically to prevent unauthorized access.

How do I maintain my locks?

Regular maintenance of locks involves cleaning and lubricating them to ensure smooth operation. Avoid using chemicals that are too hatsh and make sure to use the correct lubricant, as some can attract dirt or gum up the lock.

What is lock picking?

Lock picking is the manipulation of the components of a lock without a key to open it. Locksmiths can use specialized tools and techniques for this purpose, especially in lockout situations, ensuring no damage to the lock.

How can I prevent lock bumping?

To prevent lock bumping, consider installing locks that are specifically designed to be bump-proof. These locks use unique pin configurations that are resistant to bumping, offering an added layer of security.

What's a master key system?

Master key systems allow a single key to open multiple locks, typically used in commercial properties for efficient access management. It’s a convenient solution for property managers and business owners to control access while minimizing the number of keys in circulation.

What is a restricted keyway?

A restricted keyway is a lock design that limits key duplication to authorized individuals only. This system is used to enhance security by preventing unauthorized key copying, ideal for commercial or high-security environments.

How do I choose the right lock for my door?

Choosing the right lock involves considering factors like door type, security level needed, and budget. A professional locksmith can recommend options that best suit your needs, ensuring both security and functionality.

What are high-security locks?

High-security locks are designed with advanced features to resist drilling, picking and other forms of tampering. They often have reinforced structures and complex keyways, making them an excellent choice for enhanced protection against break-ins.

Why might a lock need to be rekeyed?

Locks are typically rekeyed for security reasons, such as when moving into a new home, after losing keys, or if there's a concern about unauthorized key copies. Rekeying allows you to keep the current hardware while ensuring old keys no longer work.

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