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3 Ways To Fix A Car Key That Won't Turn

3 Ways To Fix A Car Key That Won't Turn

Emergencies meet you unprepared, and your car key refusing to turn in the door lock is one of them! Take action right away if you are faced with this situation. Because this could lead to a larger problem, such as having a broken key or being locked out of your vehicle. In this guide, we look at three common reasons your car key won't turn and their fixes.

The Car Key Is Damage

A damaged car key might be the reason it won't turn in the door lock. Car keys made of soft and thin metals are prone to bending, and this can prevent the car key from turning.

The constant use of the key causes it to flex and makes the metal smoother. With time, the grooves in the lock cylinder won't accommodate the movement of sliders, wafers, and tumblers. Thus, the key won't turn in the lock.

The Door Lock Is Broken

A broken door lock will make it difficult for the car key to turn. However, car owners who use keyless ignition and entry features don't have to worry about this problem.

If your cars remote control isn't working efficiently, the door lock may be the culprit. Check if the wafers and cams have become warped or clogged with debris, and clean it ASAP. This minor maintenance may fix all the issues.

The Ignition Cylinder Is Faulty

In some instances, the defective ignition cylinder might be the reason the car key refuses to turn in the ignition. The ignition cylinder's lock is susceptible to wear and tear from continuous use. If the internal parts exceeds their stress limit, they may become faulty. Hence, the car key won't turn the cylinder.

Practical Solutions

  • Get A Car Key Replacement

The remedy to a damaged lock is to hire an experienced locksmith for car key replacement. A reliable service provider such as GreenPro Locksmith can help you make a new key from scratch or cut a key that is exactly like the original.

For the latter, we will access the cars brain box to get the VIN for proper configuration.

  • Get Professional Help

Although DIY tactics like applying lubrication sometimes help, you should contact a professional to work on the system. A trained locksmith is the right professional to call if your door is locked and won't open. If you hire an auto locksmith he will troubleshoot and proffer the right solution.

  • Get An Ignition Replacement

If your intention is cutting costs, then lubricate the keyway. However, there is no guarantee that this remedy will always work. Sometimes, you need to hire a qualified locksmith to replace the ignition. At GreenPro Locksmith, one of our specialties includes ignition repair, ignition replacement and installation.

It's better to work with a locksmith as this will help you avoid additional damage to your vehicle. Our mobile locksmith will arrive at your location to help you change the ignition cylinder lock, enabling your key turn like before. Call us today for all your ignition key issues and car security needs.

Nov 30, 2023
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