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4 Tips For Commercial Door Lock Repair

4 Tips For Commercial Door Lock Repair

Old age, wear from daily use or a break-in can negatively affect or damage your commercial door lock. When this happens, the security of your establishment can be breached, and your employees and customers may no longer be safe. To ensure that your business is secure, all the locks in the building need to be working perfectly. This can be easily achieved by hiring the services of a commercial locksmith.

With the help of an expert for commercial doors, business premises will sure be protected from burglars or intruders. To achieve this goal, you can always work with a professional from GreenPro Locksmith who can come around at your convenience to offer commercial door lock repair.

The process to achieving commercial door lock repair follows a specific procedure which includes.

Access to the Lock

Before you start lock repair for your commercial property, the doors must be opened. The doors need to stay open for repair to take place. In case the lock damage has made it impossible to close the door, there is no need to worry as the problem has been solved.

However, the broken lock becomes an issue of concern when it causes a business lockout. Broken locks cannot be opened with keys, as the keyway exploit will not work. Some commercial locks are too secure that when they get damaged, one might resort to drilling. And when this happens, replacement instead of lock repair becomes the best option.

A licensed locksmith with adequate professional experience can always maneuver and use a destructive means to open the door without damaging the lock severely so that repair can occur.

Diagnose the Problem

For the commercial door lock repair to be effective, there is a need to diagnose the issue so that the locksmith will know what to do. If you are familiar with basic lock mechanics, you can easily troubleshoot and determine the problem. But when it comes to electronic locks, you will most likely need professional insight.

For locks relying on an electrical system to function, you should get a competent locksmith to uncover the cause of the damage. Another good reason why you need to get a professional to do the troubleshooting is that the problem with the door lock may not require repair.

For example, fingerprint door locks will malfunction when the scanners and touch screens become uncalibrated. Operator error and misalignment of the door strike plate can make you feel the lock is broken when it is not.

Door Lock Repair

The principle behind commercial door lock repair is simply switching an existing lock from a damaged state to a condition that works properly without replacement. In most cases, fixing your locks require lubrication or changing of broken internal components.

Furthermore, lubrication of the door lock helps to remove debris and rust that are affecting its functionality. Cleaning the lock is an important corrective measure you can adopt. For establishments that use high-security locks, replacement is usually expensive. This is why a repair is a preferred choice.

Lock Replacement

When repair is not suitable for restoring the commercial door lock to a good working condition, lock replacement is the next step. Commercial door lock replacement involves changing the entire lock for a new one. With an experienced professional performing the activity, the job can be done easily and accurately.

Remember, when replacing the locks, the door should be open, and the existing lock should be removed before the new installation. Also, the locksmith would have to ensure that the lock is working perfectly.

Nov 30, 2023
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