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8 Security Tips For Rented Properties

8 Security Tips For Rented Properties

As an investor or homeowners, your responsibility doesn't end in leasing out your property. Yes, you should be concerned about the Return on Investment (ROI) but the security of your tenants is also part of your scope.

You need to put up security measures that will protect tenants from burglary attacks or unwanted intrusions. We will look at eight ways you can secure your rental property in this article. Relax, read and learn more!

Install A Fence If There Is None

A fence is a structure that controls access to a property. It could be a barrier, railing, or brick structure that demarcates one property from the other and restricts unwanted entry into the residence.

Besides providing some level of privacy to the tenants, the fence makes it more difficult for intruders to gain entry.

Safeguard The Doors and Windows with Locks

As a landlord, you will provide tenants better security when the doors and windows are well secured with locks. When hiring a locksmith to perform this service, ensure that you request pick and snap-proof locks. A good example is deadbolts, whose installation can be done by GreenPro Locksmith. Investing in locks for doors and windows helps to safeguard tenants against break-ins.

Maintain The Hedges and Trees On The Property

Burglars and criminals use hedges and trees to cover up their atrocities. Intruders often hide between hedges or behind a tree to gain entry into a property unnoticed.

This is why hedges and trees should be trimmed regularly. Trees with too many long-stretching branches should be trimmed short because some criminals can use the branches to access a home, especially those near upper windows. Thus, hire someone to maintain the hedges and trees on or close to the property.

Set Up An Alarm System

Nothing beats prevention when it comes to crime. To keep intruders from succeeding in carting away the valuables of your tenants, invest in an alarm system. There are many models of alarm security systems out in the market. Each model comes with its own level of sophistication to inform you or your tenants if the security of the property has been breached.

Set Up A Security Camera

Security cameras are another effective way of upgrading the security of the property. Installing cameras will help you monitor what's happening on the property in real-time. So you will be alerted if there is an intruder in the residence. Some models can help you alert the police if there is a break-in or an attempt on the property. 

Inspect the Property Regularly

Part of the responsibility of the landlord is to ensure that the property is in the right condition always. This is where regular inspection comes in. Visit the property grounds to check if there are broken windows, doors, or locks in the house. If you spot any, contact a local locksmith to perform the repair. Also, be prepared to respond promptly to repair damaged components.

Maintain Records of The Tenants and Their Contact Information

You must have records of all the tenants living on the property and their contact information. This would make it easy for you to contact the tenants in an emergency. For instance, if you live on-site and need to check the gas leak source, you will need to ask for your tenant's permission to access their apartment. Also, some tenants might pose security threats to other house occupants. This is why doing due diligence on potential tenants is important before leasing out any unit in the property.

Use a Professional Locksmith for Lock Installation and Replacement

Do you need to improve the security system of your rented property, call a locksmith from GreenPro Locksmith. Irrespective of your location, we will be there to render the needed services.

Nov 30, 2023
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