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All About Deadbolt Locks

All About Deadbolt Locks

The first line of security in any residential or commercial property is the locks on its doors. If broken, then everyone will have automatic access to your house or business - you already know the consequences.

Most doors use the traditional spring bolt lock. Although this lock keeps the door (and, in essence, the property) closed, it is ineffective in securing your home and business. The spring bolt lock is susceptible to being compromised by a burglar or intruder. They can bypass its security to enter your property. In contrast, an intruder will find it more difficult to break into doors that use deadbolt locks, keeping your home or business secured

What are Deadbolt Locks?

A deadbolt is a cylinder-operated lock that is used to secure the exterior and interior doors of a property. They can either come as single-cylinder or double-cylinder locks.

Single-cylinder deadbolts are distinguished by having a twist knob on the interior side. On the other hand, a double-cylinder deadbolt doesn't have a twist knob on either side. Instead, it has keyholes on both the inside and outside of the door. So, they are opened and locked using the key.

Why Use Deadbolt Locks?

When installed properly, deadbolt locks serve as a deterrent to a burglary attack. The locks can only be opened using a key or handle. Unlike traditional spring bolt locks, deadbolt locks are designed not to allow retraction of the bolt itself. For spring locks, burglars can retract the spring by applying force to the bolt.

The security features of deadbolt locks makes it popular. Even insurance companies are not left out, as they believe that deadbolts increase a home's security. Thus, they often offer homeowners discounts if they install deadbolt locks on their exterior doors.

A deadbolt lock might not successfully prevent a burglary or a home invasion. However, most burglars will be deterred from attacking your home if they see that you have a deadbolt lock mechanism installed by a skillful locksmith. This is because doors with deadbolts are difficult to break into, and it will take a longer time for the burglar to circumvent the lock's security, giving room for you or your neighbor to call the police.

Factors To Consider When Selecting Deadbolts

Before you hire GreenPro Locksmith for your deadbolt installation, you should know that the more expensive deadbolt, the more noise the burglar will make when trying to break into the property. Thus, this will give you ample time to act against the burglar.

Also the door's strength determines how fast an intruder can break through the deadbolt lock. So, before you perform deadbolt installation, please consult a professional to help you check the strength of the door frame and the door itself. Depending on the level of security that you desire, you might have to change the door ahead of installing the deadbolt.

Also, the strength of the deadbolt has a lot to play in the quality of security that the lock provides your home. When selecting deadbolts, you shouldn't focus on how difficult it is to pick the locks but on the strength of the locks. This is because many burglars prefer to kick in the door instead of picking, bumping or drilling the lock.

Therefore, work with a reputable locksmith service such as GreenPro Locksmith to install strong and durable deadbolt locks on the doors of your house or business.

Nov 30, 2023
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