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All You Need to Know About Car Key Cutting

All You Need to Know About Car Key Cutting

Getting a replica of an existing or lost car key is one of the ways to optimize security. Owners can achieve this through car key cutting or replacement service from a professional. At GreenPro Locksmith, we cut or program a car key even without the original. All you need to do is prove ownership and our experts will spring into action.

We have explained the concept of car key cutting in this article. Read and learn more.

What Is Car Key Cutting?

Car key cutting is the process of duplicating an existing car key or creating a new key from scratch. This process is quite useful for car owners who have lost their keys or want to have a spare. Also, car key cutting is a good solution for creating duplicate keys for a home or business establishment with multiple drivers.

The process requires a high level of precision and accuracy. However, to achieve success, one has to understand the different types of keys, tools, and the process itself. This is why working with an experienced service provider like GreenPro Locksmith is ideal. You don't want to waste your time and money on a fraud or inexperienced professional.

Coded Key Cutting

Coding is one of the key cutting techniques used by locksmiths. It is achieved in two ways - blind codes and bitting codes. This later is the translated blind code used to cut each blank key. It can also be known as the information or numbers the key cutter uses on a blank key.

With special software, the technician can extract the blind codes from the bitting information. Once the technician knows the codes, it becomes easier to cut the new key. For some new vehicles, the code is always part of the label. Some cars have the code printed on the key or the lock's front plate. Another way of getting this code is to reach out to the dealership where you bought the car and request the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Types of Keys That Can Be Cut

  • Key Fobs and Remote Keys

Experienced car key technicians can use make duplicate key fobs. Technology advancement has made most key modifications possible. If you need an exact copy of your remote key, we can help.

  • Ordinary Keys

These key types are the most common to be duplicated by dependable locksmiths. Furthermore, it is easier to replace a car key with ordinary keys, unlike remote keys, which require more sophisticated technology.

  • Transponder Keys

Like ordinary keys, transponder keys are also easy to replace by qualified technicians. The transponder is a tracking device put on keys by vehicle manufacturers, and this practice started in the 1990s.

  • Broken Keys

Usually, car owners seek key cutting services for broken keys. Using the same code, the professional can cut a new key for the owner. However, proactivity is a better approach when it comes to your security - do not wait for an emergency before requesting for car key duplicating service. Having a spare key will come in handy in emergencies, and in some cases, it will even prevent these emergencies from happening.

Get your Car Key Duplication Service from a Professional

All our experts come prepared with the right tools to offer car key duplication service in the quickest, safest manner. We are fully equipped with advanced machines to render optimized services to you. Call us today.

Nov 30, 2023
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