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Answering Common Burglary Questions

Answering Common Burglary Questions

Somehow, home security is underrated until one becomes a burglary victim! And the reality is that burglary incidents are getting rampant. That is why home and business owners should never relent when it comes to the safety and security of their premises. They should be aware that a burglary attack may occur if the necessary security measures are not taken. 

However, below are some practical answers to penitent questions about burglaries.

What Can Make Your Property A Target For Burglars?

Burglars invade a property for one sole reason - to cart away valuables. However, different factors may influence a burglar to target your home or office. The most common reason is the available security system. Burglars will always go for the easiest option when looking for a property to steal valuables. If your home has a weak security system, that's a sign to burglars that they can easily enter and exit the residence without being caught.

Are You Using The Right Basic Insurance Approved Locks?

Locks are a security system on their own because they help control who gets to enter or exit a building. The type of locks installed on your home's doors determines the level of security you enjoy at the residence. Thus, you must use insurance-approved locks because they not only serve as a deterrent to burglar attacks but also make it difficult for the invader to enter the property. 

Insurance-approved locks should be installed correctly on the doors and windows of your home or business by a vetted locksmith. The standard is that all external doors should use a high-quality ANSI Grade 1 deadlock. Also, key-operated window locks should be installed on every window, and have a professional to perform high-security lock installation

What Kind Of Habits Could Attract Burglars?

Certain habits increase your chances of experiencing a burglary. To prevent this from happening, you have to stop these poor security habits. The first on the list is forgetting to lock your doors and windows anytime you go out. Whenever you do this, you are more or less telling an intruder that the home is free to visit while you are away. 

Another bad security habit is showing visible signs of valuables on the property. Ensure that valuables, including keys, are kept away from plain sight. They should be hidden at a location only you or your family know. Before disposing of the packaging of new items, turn them inside out. If you can afford it, purchase a safe to store certain valuables and have a locksmith install it somewhere in the house.

Furthermore, a property that looks empty is an invitation for burglars to visit. Avoid making it obvious that you are leaving the house for work or school, or vacationing. 

How Can You Upgrade Your Home Security?

It's simple - get a pro from GreenPro Locksmith to offer high-security lock installation. Working with a trusted locksmith service provider allows you to strengthen your front doors using any cost-effective option. Also, we will help you upgrade your home's security to include high-security locks and keys that offer better protection against burglary attacks.

You could also install security grilles and gates for doors and windows, especially if there has been a spike in your neighborhood's crime rate. To cap it all, installing CCTV and burglar alarms will deter many burglars from invading your property. 

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