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Are Digital Locks Really Safe?

Are Digital Locks Really Safe?

In today's world, locks are a primary means of ensuring security on your property. From private residences to commercial buildings, locks make you feel more secure and protected from intruders. However, locks can become a hassle, especially when you want to enter or exit the property at night. There are scenarios where you will be in a hurry, and these locks will inconvenience you and increase the time required to leave or gain entry into the building.

However, most of the challenges have been resolved with digital lock technology. Digital locks are smart lock that eliminates the need to physically unlock doors and gates to property while still maintaining security. Besides providing easier access to the building, digital locks help to tighten security.

Benefits of Investing in Digital Locks

Digital locks are rapidly becoming more popular in residential and commercial buildings. This is because of the many features they offer. Some of the benefits include:

Improved Security:

The combination of an electronic interface with a standard locking mechanism makes the building more secure. You could control the security of the property using surveillance cameras which can be integrated into your digital locks. Also, hiring a locksmith service provider like GreenPro Locksmith to install digital locks tightens the property's security and reduces the risk of an intruder or burglar entering your apartment or estate.

Easy Access:

With smart locks, you don't have to waste time looking for the right key that fits into the lock. Instead, the digital lock provides you with pin access which you can easily punch and enter through the door. You don't have to disturb anyone to help you open the door.

Having easy access also applies to providing friends and guests with temporary codes to gain entry into the property. Temporary workers like cleaners, babysitters, and technicians wouldn't wait for long hours before offering their services.

Voice Command Controlled:

One of the special features of digital locks is that they can be equipped with voice commands to operate the locking system. This feature means you are no longer bothered by the stress associated with physical locks. All you have to do is issue a command, and the lock opens to grant you entry through the door or gate.


Compared to traditional locks, smart locks are very safe. There is no need to use deadbolts and latch locks for additional security.

Before determining whether digital locks are worth the investment, we have to also consider some of their drawbacks.

They are Prone to Hacking.

Cybercriminals can hack your Wifi to manipulate the digital lock. The motive is to breach security and gain access to the building. However, you can overcome this by taking the following steps:

  • Consistent Software Update
  • Use 2-Factor Authentication
  • Stronger Passwords
  • Complex lock installation

Locks that combine Bluetooth alongside Advanced Encryption System are complex. Such advanced locking systems offer more security than regular smart locks. So it will be difficult for hackers to break into.

Wrapping up

From the above analysis, the only demerit of using digital locks is the possibility of their being cloned. However, debugging or cloning digital locks happens on rare occasions and the benefits far outweigh any deficiency. GreenPro Locksmith is your sure plug for all lock installation needs. Call us today to make your security smart!

Nov 30, 2023
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