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Benefits of Commercial Panic Bars

Benefits of Commercial Panic Bars

Commercial buildings are known for their large inflow of customers for various transactions. In the case of an emergency, people will become chaotic and agitated to exit the building as fast as they can. Such chaotic situations may lead to confusion, accidental lock-in, and even loss of lives. A panic bar is designed to eliminate this and allow any door to be opened with a push of a button.

Panic bars are mandated for commercial buildings to provide maximum security and safety in emergencies. But there are more benefits to installing a panic bar for your commercial building. Let's find out more.

It Provides Safety

The design of a panic bar enables it to provide safety and security for your business. You can only unlock a door with a panic bar from the inside, which means no individual or worker can enter through a door with a panic bar. This feature is particularly helpful in protecting your commercial building from burglars. Moreover, a panic bar can be integrated with alarm sensors that automatically notify you when there is a forceful entry which may be a lifesaver during an emergency.

They are Affordable

Contrary to popular opinions, panic bars are affordable, and there are only varieties in price depending on the type of panic bar you want. A basic panic bar without anything extra goes for around $100, while a more sophisticated product will cost higher. Fortunately, you can always contact a skillful locksmith like the GreenPro Locksmith to find the best panic bar for your building. A professional locksmith will also help you with installation for maximum functionality and security.

Panic Bars are Effective

What is the use of installing a security measure that doesn't work? Well, panic bars are very effective in saving your customers and workers from emergencies. Most panic bars are strong and durable enough to last a long while. With a push, customers can easily escape the building without getting trapped or causing a riot. It is an important feature in the design of evacuation plans in both residential and commercial buildings.

Reduces Insurance Rates

While it is important to get your building insured, your insurance payment may spike up if you don't have the necessary security measures in place. Installing a panic bar may reduce your insurance payments considerably, which may be beneficial in the long run. If you don't know whether it applies to your insurance package, contact any reliable insurance company to find out which type of savings you have access to.

Get Professional Advice

Panic bars are essential for commercial buildings. They will be detrimental in the long run if you don't seek professional advice to find the best panic bar for your building. Therefore, if you are thinking of purchasing a panic bar, you should talk with a trusted commercial locksmith that will give you the best advice on the type you should get. GreenPro Locksmith makes it a snap to get the best panic bars suited for your needs. We know products that are reliable and long-lasting. Contact us today for valuable recommendations and installation.

Nov 30, 2023
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