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Best Door Knobs For Arthritis Hands

Best Door Knobs For Arthritis Hands

Less consideration is given to older adults during the design and manufacture of door knobs. As many senior citizens age, their forelimb bones, and hinge joints become weak. Also, arthritis is an example a condition that can weaken their hands.

Although many door knob manufacturers are doing nothing to change their design in favor of older adults, some door knob options are a good fit for arthritic hands. What are these design solutions that make it easy for arthritic patients to open the door knob easily? Read on to learn more!

Door Knob Options for Arthritic Hands

Install Additions to Door Knobs

Installing additions to door knobs will make it more convenient for arthritis patients to gain access to their properties. To provide an easier grip while using the doorknob, attach non-slip covers. These non-slip covers are made of plastic and often covered in bumps, making it easy for hands to catch on.

If the aged person has poor eyesight, you could purchase non-slip covers that glow in the dark.

More so, you can hire a dependable locksmith to install knob extenders that transform the door knob into a lever without having to install a new knob. The use of enlarged key holders will make turning a key easier for arthritic hands to move between rooms.

Install New Door Knobs

To cater to arthritic hands in the house, replace all the door knobs with new units. This is the part to contact GreenPro Locksmith for a lock replacement service. We can replace all the knobs with handles. This is because handles are easier to use for arthritic patients. They don't necessarily require the hand to be operated. Handles can be operated using the forearm or elbow.

Since replacing the door knobs of interior doors is important, you can use dummy knobs. These dummy knobs don't have a keyhole, nor do they require to be turned. They are a great fit for arthritic hands because they can be held onto while opening or closing doors. Another option available to older people is privacy handles that come with buttons. These doorknobs are locked with the push of a button and unlocked with a pull of the handle. They can be easily opened or closed by the aged living in the house.

Install New Locking Systems

The third alternative to making life easier for arthritic patients or older adults is to install new locking systems. There are two sides to this option. The first is to have a reliable locksmith install a new lock on the door, while the other is to get a new door.

The advantage of using smart locks is their smartphone accessibility and touch less capabilities. Electronic locks are another great choice because they are operated using fingerprint scanners and don't require hand force to be unlocked.


To help our senior citizens, ensure your new door is aligned with the frame for easy opening and closing. The sliding doors in the residence should be replaced with French doors since they are very good for arthritic hands. Where it is impossible to replace the sliding doors, they should be properly lubricated for ease of use.

For all your lock replacement needs, be assured that GreenPro Locksmith will always have your back. We will help you upgrade or install door knobs for senior citizens or arthritis patients.

Nov 30, 2023
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