Best Keyless Door Locks in 2021

Let’s face it: it is way too easy to misplace keys. Your friends at GreenPro Locksmith are always ready to help, but we know that the time spent on getting a replacement is still costly. Fortunately, technology is evolving rapidly, and keys are beginning to become obsolete – physical keys, that is. The twenty-first century has introduced a myriad of technology and the keyless door is the topic of today’s article. 

Finding the right keyless door lock can be daunting, but we have taken a look at some of the most popular keyless door locks and put together this list of some of the ones we like best. If you have any questions or need help installing your keyless door lock, then call GreenPro Locksmith to consult with a professional.

Best Budget Option: Kwikset 92640

If you are looking to free yourself from the inconvenience of keys but want to stick to a strict budget, then we have the option for you: the Kwikset 92640. This lock comes with both a keypad and a keyed lock, in case you get nostalgic. The Kwikset Electronic Deadbolt allows users to create up to six individualized codes. You can even set temporary codes to provide to guests and service providers. Don’t worry about forgetting to lock. You can set the Kwikset 92640 to auto-lock after 10 to 99 seconds.

Best No-Key Access: Schlage Touch Camelot

If you are truly tired of physical keys and want to get rid of them altogether, then consider a no-key door lock, the Schlage Touch Camelot. This option has no key lock, meaning you do not have to worry about would-be intruders lockpicking their way into your property. The unit depends on battery power, however, and becomes inoperable when the battery dies. But Schlage is two steps ahead with emergency battery contacts. If the battery has died, then all you have to do is hold a 9V battery up to the battery contacts to gain access.

Best for Biometrics: Ultraloq UL3 Fingerprint and Touchscreen

Let’s really blast to the future with the Ultraloq UL3 Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Lock. This futuristic unit is sleek and comes with a long-lasting battery life. The Ultraloq UL3 can program up to 99 different access codes and fingerprints. It allows you to grant as well as restrict access to certain codes and fingerprints. You might misplace your physical key, you might forget your access code, but we really doubt you will arrive home without your fingerprint ready!

The Best Overall: August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

If you are willing to shell out a couple hundred dollars, then we recommend the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. This unit is compatible with Alexa, Google, HomeKit, IFTTT, and more. You can lock and unlock it using the convenient August mobile app or with the voice commands of Alexa, Google, and Siri. It also works seamlessly with other IOT systems and platforms from Honeywell, Logitech, and Samsung. You can even watch live footage thanks to its installed camera.

Need Help with Your Keyless Lock?

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