Best Type of Lock for Your Home

Different lock types are available in the market, and it is only fair that you settle for the best option for your residence. Factors such as the level of security desired, budget, and desire for keyless entry will definitely have a great influence on your choice.

In case you have gotten a lock and need a door lock installation, call expert locksmiths at GreenPro Locksmith. In the meantime, read this article to learn about the different types of locks that could be suitable for your home.

Keyed Entry Door Knob

Keyed entry door knobs are a good fit for residential properties because they provide quality security and safety. Exterior door knobs and single-cylinder deadbolts are the two types of keyed entry door knobs that are often used to protect a home against external attack. Keyed entry door knob is a high-grade product designed to resist bumping attacks. It will be hard for intruders or burglars to break through the door.

Such door knobs are equipped with a lock and key mechanism on both sides to provide an additional level of security to the home. They are often used on front doors, patio doors, and garage doors that lead into your home. Some keyed entry knobs come with a button on the inside that can be used to lock the door. Depending on your budget and preference, you should consult a locksmith if you decide to install this lock type.

Exterior Knob with Lock and Deadbolt

This lock type is a higher-grade lock product. You can use it to safeguard your home for an affordable price. There are four finishes (varieties) of this lock type, so you can always settle for the one that fits the aesthetics of your home.

Single Cylinder Deadbolt

A simple mechanism operates the single-cylinder deadbolt. It has a slot for a key on one side, while the other features a knob or thumb-turn that resembles a simple lever turning the same way a key would. It can be easily installed by a reliable locksmith service such as GreenPro Locksmith.

Once installed, it will provide your home with good security for a budget. Single-cylinder deadbolt comes in multiple finishes, such as anti-reflective stainless steel and black powder coat paint over zinc options. Its sleek hardware feature provides style and security to the doors. Besides being cost-effective, it is convenient for everyday use because it saves time for locking and unlocking.

Keyless Entry Deadbolt

A keyless entry deadbolt is a sophisticated lock type. Although it is expensive when compared to other lock types, it is worth the price based on the numerous features it provides. They can be programmed with up to six different user codes. It is also designed to have a one-touch lock and custom auto-lock features.

While this lock type will be a great fit for your home if you want an extra layer of security, it comes with a disadvantage. The lock is battery-operated, so you have to replace the battery regularly to keep the lock functioning properly.

Consult an Expert for Installation

Irrespective of your choice – deadbolts, keyless entry, or smart lock, you should always rely on a professional for installation and repairs. At GreenPro Locksmith, we provide an unconventional solution to both simple and complex lock issues. Call us today for all your lock installation needs and you will be glad you did.

  • The door closer is that mechanical device that closes a door automatically, with the use of springs alongside a system of chambers that are filled with hydraulic fluids to control the motion and speed of the door. 

  • There are numerous reasons why you should hire a commercial locksmith in Norcross. A business locksmith will help your business more secure, which will save you money and lives in the long run. Identity theft and vital document theft always happen in unsecured commercial enterprises, but with the help of professional commercial locksmith in Norcross such as GreenPro Locksmith

  • For any business to thrive, the management must consider security as a top priority. And locks are a crucial component of any security system.

  • Locksmiths used to deal only with locks, keys, and safes, but advancements in technological innovations have enhanced their skills hence a locksmith can now handle many other security issues, aside locks, safes, and keys. 

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