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Can a Locksmith Make a Key from a Lock?

Can a Locksmith Make a Key from a Lock?

What happens when your key is stolen or misplaced and you've got no spare? It could be a stressful situation, to say the least! Some homeowners prefer changing the lock when the house key is missing or broken. A new door lock comes with a new set of keys. In contrast, some wouldn't buy that idea, because of aesthetics reasons, functionality, or cost.

Then, can a new key be made even without an existing spare? The answer is Yes.

You don't have to change the lock before you obtain a new key. A locksmith can help you make a new key from the existing lock. Surprising, isn't it? Read to the end as we look at how locksmiths make keys from a lock.

How to Make a New Key from The Door Lock

If the original key to a door is broken or lost, a key replacement service provider can make a new key from the lock. Here are 3 common methods used by experienced locksmith services:

Impression Device Method

An impression device operates by tricking the lock into believing that it has been picked. The professional will make a new set of keys from the impressions of the lock. This is achieved by taking an impression of the keyhole with a special putty knife. After that, a wax of that impression is made and it is used to produce the new key.

There are two methods to achieve this. The first involves creating an impression of the lock with modeling clay and pouring molten metal on it. The other method entails creating a positive image of the key using a 3D laser printer.

Code Cutting Technique

One of the distinct skills of an experienced locksmith is to make a new key by just knowing the code of the lock. Code cutting is the term given to a unique technique of the key-cutting process. Every key has a biting - the shape or groove that allows it to fit into the lock cylinder. This biting has a peculiar code number, which is used for coding. With special equipment, the professional will help you cut a new key matching the code number of the lock. Thus, you can regain access as soon as possible.

Lock Disassembling

The experts at GreenPro Locksmith could make a new one after disassembling your locks. Literally, the process involves opening up the locks to copy the pattern and design of the key.

Nevertheless, this method is not easy as it requires the use of special tools to be successful. We will have to disassemble the lock and separate it into parts. After that, the components will be used to create the new key. This is because every lock has its unique set of pins, tumblers, springs, levers, and other parts. This method is very effective with minimal errors.

In case you lost your keys and don't want a new lock installation, then you've got no problems. GreenPro Locksmith will use any of these methods to create a new key for you. Call us today to experience effective services.

Nov 30, 2023
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