Can You Bypass Transponder Key?

Are you trying to get inside your car, but the transponder key refuses to work correctly? Someone may have told you there is a way to bypass your car’s anti-theft system, but is it the wisest choice? At GreenPro Locksmith in Atlanta, we offer premium commercial, residential and automotive locksmith services for clients in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area. Our experienced mobile technicians offer professional transponder key replacement, ignition repair, key fob programming and more. Here is some advice on how to properly handle a failed transponder key, and how hiring a qualified local locksmith can help you solve your car key issues fast. 

What Is a Transponder Key? 

A transponder system is an anti-theft feature used in almost every modern vehicle model available in the marketplace. They first came on the scene in the 80’s and 90’s and are now a necessity when it comes to defending your car against criminals. A transponder key has a microchip that communicates with an immobilizer that is inside the vehicle. If the signal from your key fails to reach the immobilizer properly, then the car will not start. While this is an excellent way to deter carjackers, it can also cause drivers issues when their transponder key stops working correctly. 

Can You Bypass an Immobilizer? 

Since dealing with a failing transponder key can be annoying and frustrating, some individuals attempt to bypass their immobilizer to avoid getting a new set of keys. Many drivers assume that the immobilizer inside the vehicle is impossible to bypass, but where there is a will, there is a way. Unfortunately, when a driver does successfully bypass their transponder system, they leave their car vulnerable to theft and vandalism. 

Reasons to Invest in a New Transponder Key from a Mobile Locksmith

Many of the drivers who choose to disable their transponder system do so because they are afraid of the cost and hassle associated with car dealerships. In the past, getting a new set of keys from the local dealership could be expensive and very time consuming. Thankfully, advances in technology have provided modern mobile locksmiths with a way to quickly and effectively replace and reprogram your transponder keys on site. This means our mobile locksmiths can come directly to your location, and perform your car key replacement, so you can get back to your normal schedule without wasting money. 

Do You Need Help with Your Transponder Key? Call GreenPro Locksmith Today 

Did you bypass your transponder system, but are afraid of losing your favorite vehicle due to theft? Are you looking for solutions to your damaged key fob? There is no reason to put your investments at risk. Call the experts at GreenPro Locksmith. Our team of experienced mobile locksmiths are always ready to help you get back on the road safely and affordably. Contact our office to learn more about our automotive, residential or commercial locksmith services, or to schedule a convenient appointment with a professional locksmith in Atlanta, Smyrna, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Tucker, Roswell, Chamblee, Brookhaven, Norcross, Georgia or a nearby metro Atlanta area community. 

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