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Cheapest Ways to Get New Car Keys

Cheapest Ways to Get New Car Keys

Gone are the days when car key replacements were unbelievably cheap and uncomplicated. Nowadays, with newer cars coming with sophisticated security measures like key fobs and transponder chips, changing your car keys has become more costly and more complicated. That is why you should put more efforts to ensure you do not pay exorbitant fees when you lost or break your keys.

Therefore, in this article, we will be looking at affordable ways to get new car keys. Ready? Let's go!

Keep a Spare Car Key

New Mitsubishi cars come with two keys, enabling you to have an alternative during emergencies. Keeping a spare car key can save you all the drama. If you have an important meeting and cannot find your keys, you can easily pick up your spare. Also, in cases where your first car key is broken, you can always rely on your spare while you get a car key replacement. 

Change the Batteries 

Sometimes, the main cause of a key fob malfunctioning is the batteries. They get weak over time and must be periodically changed to keep the key fob in the best working condition.

Therefore, try changing the batteries before you even think of calling an auto locksmith for a car key replacement. Anyways, proceed to car a locksmith if changing the battery becomes an issue.

Check your Car Insurance

Some car insurance usually covers lost keys in their policies. Therefore, checking with your insurance company when dealing with a malfunctioning car key is important. Car insurance companies even provide an alternate car during the process of replacing your car keys. So, give them a call if you need clarification on whether your car insurance covers your lost keys. 

Invest in Smart Car Key Finders 

Technology has made finding things easier. You can invest in a smart car key finder and attach it to your car key ring. They usually come with an app that shows you the location of your car key whenever you've mistakenly misplaced them. So, rather than go for a car key replacement after a few searches, a car key finder can eliminate that. 

Go to an Auto Locksmith

The first thing that comes to a car owner's mind when they lose their car keys is purchasing a new one or going to the dealership. However, the truth is that an auto locksmith has the necessary equipment and expertise for your car key replacement, and they are more affordable than a dealership. Therefore, you should always consult an auto locksmith for a car key replacement. 

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Nov 30, 2023
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