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Common Door Lock Issues and Why They Occur

Common Door Lock Issues and Why They Occur

Although they are small, door locks are the first line of defense for the security of your home and business. A faulty door lock is dangerous. That is why the prompt resolution of lock problems is important. If you procrastinate and do not want to work on them, the problem will only become worse while the cost of repair will increase. 

Issues with your locks must not be procrastinated. Here are some of the door lock problems you must take seriously.

Broken Keys in the Lock

If the key is broken inside the lock, check if there is an exposed part, then grasp it using a pair of needle-nose pliers and slowly pull it out.

In case the key is not grabbing far enough, gently feed a breakpoint length of a coping saw blade into that, grab it, and pull the key out. 

If that doesn’t work or the key is still jammed, then dismantle the lock cylinder and use the stiff wire to push it through the hole behind the barrel. As an alternative measure, you may choose to carry the cylinder over to a nearby locksmith who offers key extraction services.

Frozen Door Locks

Freezing door locks is a usual occurrence during winter months. That means it will be difficult to insert or turn keys. A fast solution is heating the key with the car heater or a hair dryer for fast warming. Alternatively, you can use de-icers. They are effective and can be gotten in hardware stores, including commercial aerosol lock de-icers.

Door Won’t Close Properly

The problem will arise if your door shuts halfway or refuses to shut at all and you cannot manage to lock it. For the lock system to operate flawlessly, the bolt must synchronize with the strike plate, and the door should be suitable for the frame.

Loose Door Locks

Lever-style door handle locks tend to become loose due to everyday usage and this can lead to malfunctioning. Lock up your doors tightly by lining up the door knobs on both sides of the front door then fix them with a temporary tape or have someone hold them for you. Adjustment of the door handle will follow and then torque down all the screws until they become flush with the doorknobs, replacing whichever ones are broken or stripped off.

Difficulty Inserting the Key

This could be a result of a wrongly chosen key. Ensure you use the correct key before requesting the help of a locksmith. Moreover, the problem could result from a dirty lock, and cleaning it could solve the issue.

Broken Door Lock

The first step to resolving door lock issues is to contact a professional locksmith. At GreenPro Locksmith, we will send our experienced locksmith to help you open the door. After that, the locksmith will dismantle the lock, and fix all issues. We will also evaluate your security system to identify loopholes and any need for improvement.

We are here to Work on your Lock and Security Challenges

It is necessary to seek help from locksmith experts when you have issues with your locks and security system. Therefore do not hesitate to call us when any problem with your door locks arises.

Our highly trained locksmiths can promptly deal with all issues regarding door lock installation and hence, you will be protected from trespassers, burglars, or other dangers that may harm your home and family.

Nov 23, 2023
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