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Common Issues for Electronic Locks

Common Issues for Electronic Locks

In recent times, electronic locks have become extremely common due to their convenience and security benefits. Sometimes, unexpected malfunctions may take place. It could be a deadlock battery, or the lock is jammed, or there is an issue with the deadbolt not working correctly. 

No matter the kind of lock-related issue you encounter, don’t forget to count on a locksmith to resolve both simple and complex problems. You can also request lock installation services if the problem persists. 

Below are some common problems with smart locks

Defective Deadbolt Operation

If the keypad-controlled door occasionally fails to work and the deadbolt doesn't retract despite entering the security code. Try to open the lock again with a key instead of the keypad. This implies that any of these parts of the lock might break, and this can occur again at random times in the future. During such times, you must contact the nearby locksmith to rectify the issue. An experienced locksmith will open the electronic lock as well as identify the damaged component.

Battery Life

Many electronic locks operate with batteries. If these batteries weaken or die, they may fail to function as expected. To control it, you need to change the batteries as recommended by the manufacturer.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Some of the electronic locks are tied to the Wi-Fi, and the lock probably will not work correctly if the signal is weak or the internet is down. In this regard, users must ensure a good Wi-Fi signal strength and reset the router if needed. Also, attempting to connect the router to another network might be helpful.

Incorrect PIN Entry

Users would experience difficulties if they entered the wrong PIN code several times. In most electronic locks, an internal mechanism locks the keypad after multiple re-entering of the wrong number to prevent unauthorized access. After several minutes, they can try to get a correct PIN by verifying the typed code again.

Security Flaws

Even though electronic locks have security features such as encryption and logging, they remain vulnerable to attacks through hacking. Hackers can target vulnerabilities in the firmware or communications software of the lock and eventually wear it open. Regular security checks and updates of firmware will reduce their risks and ensure an effective lock.

Key Management

Since electronic locks rule out traditional keys, users will have to deal with something as simple as access codes or key fobs. It is never a bad idea to keep them with you to ensure safety, especially when you need them.

Remote Access

Several electronic locks connect with smartphones via applications or web-based interfaces. Yet, this functionality often doesn't work as advertised due to network problems or server failure.


Convenience and Security are two significant benefits of electronic locks, but they also bring some challenges that need to be overcome. An expert from GreenPro Locksmith can handle any of your electronic lock issues. We offer advanced locksmith services including lock installation and replacement. If you are seeking a reliable locksmith service provider, do not hesitate to contact us.

Mar 04, 2024
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