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Differences Between Fail-Safe Locks and Fail Secure Locks

Differences Between Fail-Safe Locks and Fail Secure Locks

As locksmiths, one of the most common questions we get asked is, "What's the difference between fail-safe locks and fail-secure locks?" And it's a great question. When a lock is broken or misplaced, and you want to replace it, you might be wondering if "fail-safe" or "fail secure" locks are a better choice. Both are essential features of locks but primarily serve different functions. GreenPro Locksmith can help answer the question.

Fail-Safe Locks

When it comes to security, the devil is in the details. The same can be said for securing your business "” specifically with electric locks.

What are Fail-Safe Locks?

A fail-safe lock requires power to open the lock. When there is power, the door will stay locked. However, when there is a loss of power, the door will unlock and open independently. As the name implies, fail-safe locks are made to allow entry in a power failure.

In other words, fail-safe locks unlock when power is lost. This kind of electric lock is ideal for areas that require high security and need to remain accessible at all times. This type of lock is critical for emergency personnel who need to access a building in an emergency like a fire.

Fail-safe locks are usually used on doors that swing outward and should be opened at all times during business hours or emergencies. Think of doors such as those leading out of an office building or within a public school.

Fail-safe locks are most common in commercial and industrial buildings, but their use is growing in residential settings. If your home security system includes electronic door locks, they will be fail-safe rather than fail secure.

There are two types of fail-safe locks: alarm locks and electrically controlled locks. These are just what they sound like: locks attached to an alarm system. Alarm locks can be connected to a security system through a hard-wired connection or wireless technology. Whatever the connection method, if someone tries to tamper with the lock, it will trigger an alarm.

Fail Secure Locks

If you're looking for high-security lock installation, a fail-secure lock may be better. They're generally more expensive than their counterparts but offer much-needed peace of mind for those who want to keep their property safe. A Fail-Secure locking mechanism remains locked in the event of a power failure, and power is required to open the lock.

A fail-secure lock works oppositely from a fail-safe lock, and it is unlocked whenever power is lost to it. Allowing access when there is no electricity can be confusing for some users and potentially dangerous because of the risk that someone could enter without knowing anything about who's inside or whether there's any danger.

Electric locks can be either fail-secure or fail-safe. When a door is locked, and someone attempts to unlock it, the electric lock will open and release the door. This type of lock is generally used in situations where there is a high probability that someone may attempt to break into a building, such as bank vaults, prison cells, or government buildings.

Fail secure locks are not commonly used in residential applications because they require constant power to remain locked. To become unlocked, power must be cut off to the lock so that it cannot activate again until power is restored. Fail-safe locks do not require constant power, so they can be locked at any time without worrying about an intruder gaining access.

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Nov 30, 2023
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