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Does A Monitored Home Security System Matter?

Does A Monitored Home Security System Matter?

Monitored home security systems could be likened to having a third eye. In other words, it means having an ‘insight beyond what the physical eyes can see’. Apart from having the peace of mind that your home or business is monitored, you will enjoy numerous benefits such as burglary deterrent, threat detection, and lower homeowners insurance premiums.

Now, learn how a monitored home security system can make a difference and the role of a dependable locksmith in keeping you safe.

The Importance of Monitored Security Systems

A monitored home security system offers extensive features under the watchful eye of security professionals. Some of the amazing features include:

Vigilant Monitoring

A monitored system means that your home is closely watched even in your absence. This is something that cannot be said of self-monitored houses.

Quick Response

The separation of a minor event from a disaster frequently spans in minutes only. Monitored systems have the advantage of mobilizing resources and promptly alerting emergency services.

Remote Access and Control

Many monitored systems can be controlled remotely through a smartphone application. They can provide access to trusted individuals, and generate immediate alerts.

Increased Deterrence

When using a security system that is under surveillance, criminals cannot attempt to attack since they know that a quick response will be made.

Unmonitored Security Systems: A DIY Approach

Without the option of professional monitoring, this offers a minimal level of security. They often incorporate alarms at doors and windows. These audible alarms could discourage burglars and possibly alert neighbors.

However, unmonitored systems rely on the user or someone closer to hear the alarm and act upon it appropriately.

Downsides of Unmonitored Systems:

  • Missed Alarms: If you are away from the house or cannot hear the alarm, a break-in can take place without detection.
  • False Alarms and Handling: They can be extremely disturbing, and you may end up wasting a lot of time or face penalties for them in some regions. In the absence of supervision, you are left to confirm the alarm and swiftly call the emergency services yourself.
  • Limited Features: They often lack features that can be useful in security audits, such as remote connectivity or a surveillance camera.

The Power of Monitored Security Systems

Monitored security systems overcome the demerits of unmonitored systems by offering immediate access to a professional monitoring station. These centers operate round the clock and are manned by trained experts who can:

  • Confirm Alarms:

When getting an alarm signal, the monitoring center can check the occurrence, through the video input or other monitors.

  • Send Emergency Services:

Having understood that break-ins, fires, and medical emergencies can occur at any time, the monitoring center can instantly dispatch police, fire, or medical crews.

The Decision

Is a monitored home security system relevant? Absolutely, GreenPro Locksmith recommends monitored systems because they allow you to achieve the highest level of security and guarantee a good night’s sleep.

A monitored system is the way to go if you are interested in an excellent, trouble-free security solution.

However, if you are okay with overseeing your cameras and do not require the extra convenience of having someone watch your home while you are away, you can save some dollars per month and opt for a self-monitored system.

A Locksmith can Help

Selecting the right security system is important for every business and homeowner. After reading this article, if you need help making a decision, call one of our experienced locksmiths. However, remember that a monitored system gives you a fast reaction and added protection.

Jun 18, 2024
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