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Does Car Insurance Cover Lockouts?

Does Car Insurance Cover Lockouts?

You'd like to rush home after a crucial meeting. Unfortunately, your car key is locked inside! While contemplating what to do, frustration may set in! 

At this moment, you have limited options – calling an auto locksmith or towing the car to a workshop or dealership. Assuming you go with the first option, then who takes care of the bills - you or the insurance company?

Most times, we wonder if a car insurance policy caters to locksmith services or not. No worries, we will explain everything in this article.

Understanding Car Insurance Coverage

There are different car insurance policies out there but not all of them cater to lockout services. However, some car insurance companies may include extras such as towing services in their package, which can be extremely useful in case you get locked out of your car. Here are some points to note:

  • 1. Roadside Assistance

This is a common feature with many insurers. It could come as a standalone service or be included in the comprehensive policies. Such services mainly deal with lockouts, flat tires, jump-starts, and towing services.

So, if your policy has included the service of roadside assistance, you can request help from a dependable locksmith on their platform.

  • 2. Coverage Limits

Check your car insurance policy document to understand the type of coverage and its limit.

The limitation could be on the distance, coverage area, and frequency of incidents.

Also, verify if your policy is liability-only or comprehensive.

Knowledge of your policy limitations will help you know the assistance to seek during lockout emergencies.

  • 3. Deductibles

Sometimes, your car policy may cover lockout services, but this can be affected by deductibles. The insurer will only cover the rest of the costs once you have paid the agreed deductible.

  • 4. Emergency Locksmith Services

A few insurers may work with locksmiths or may even have a list of emergency locksmith services that are available. This will save you money and time as their services can help regain access to your car.

What To Do When Locked Out

  • 1. Check Your Policy

Before calling GreenPro Locksmith, look at your car insurance to check whether it covers lockouts or not, or whether it offers any sort of roadside assistance.

  • 2. Contact Your Insurance Company

In the event of a lockout situation, contact the insurance customer service or claims line. They will guide you through the process and/or refer you to a locksmith if needed.

  • 3. Roadside Assistance Apps

Several insurance providers have incorporated features on their mobile applications allowing users to request assistance on the road. Use the apps for fast and convenient services.

Your Reaction during a car emergency matters

Breaking the window or trying to manipulate the locks is against the law. You could also end up damaging your locks. Be calm, and call an auto locksmith or roadside assistance.

At GreenPro Locksmith, our focus is to help you gain access to your car conveniently. From emergencies such as being locked out to having a bad key, we are always available to assist you with any car-related problem. So, if you are locked out or trapped, call us.

Jun 10, 2024
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