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Door Locks and Their Security Levels

Door Locks and Their Security Levels

Locks come in various types with their unique advantages. You can have a type of lock that is perfect for securing your property while the same lock may be ineffective when used to secure another building. Knowing different door locks, their features, and their security levels will help you determine the best door lock you should get. 

Knob Locks

Knob locks are the most common locks that are found in residential homes. A knob lock consists of a latch and the doorknob itself. The mechanism is usually contained in the knob making it easy for manipulation. While knob locks are common, they are not the safest. A burglar with little experience can access your home either by picking or breaking the doorknob. Therefore, it is best to add an extra layer of security to your doors in addition to your knob locks. A great choice is a deadbolt lock.


Deadbolt locks are popular, especially in buildings that want a higher level of the secure lock. The deadbolt lock use a more enhanced mechanism to keep your doors secure. For example, a deadbolt consists of a lock bolt that can only be turned by a key which makes it hard to pick. Also, the deadbolt is stronger, and its mechanism is usually housed in the door making it immune to force.

Deadbolt locks come in different types - the single and the double cylinder deadbolt locks. The single-cylinder requires a keyhole to open, while a double-cylinder deadbolt lock requires two keys on both sides. Deadbolt locks are one of the best options if you're looking for optimum security.


Padlocks have been around for ages and are still quite effective. A padlock is portable and doesn't require a fixed structure to work. There are different types of padlocks with different features. For example, there is the padlock that require a key to open while there is another that only requires a combination of codes. While padlocks can be one of the fastest ways to keep a place secure, it is also susceptible to burglary because even the thickest shackles can be cut with a bolt cutter. 

Electronic Locks 

Electronic locks are rapidly taking over the lock industry and have proven to be effective and more convenient as well. An electronic or digital lock are types of lock that don't require a key to get access to your house. You can use a combination of codes, proximity cards, or your smartphone to unlock your door.

They also come with great features like log records of those who access your home at a specific time. And the autonomy to grant and revoke access to a set of individuals at any time. Some digital locks are equipped with mini cameras and notify you when there is an unauthorized break-in.

Final Notes

Having the best lock installation for your home should be a priority. That said, consult a professional from GreenPro Locksmith for your lock installation and other locksmith needs.

Nov 30, 2023
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