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Everything You Need to Know About Master Keying

Everything You Need to Know About Master Keying

With a business increasing in size and staff numbers, security quickly becomes a priority that cannot be overlooked. Managing access and keeping restricted areas secure requires reliable security measures, and locks have proven to protect building sections from burglary and unauthorized access.

However, it becomes stressful when the number of locks increases. More locks require more keys and distribution, which can be burdensome for business owners. Also, the chances of keys falling into the wrong hands' increases. That's where master keying comes in.

What is master keying, and how does it work? Read on to find out everything you need to know about master keying.

What is Master Keying?

To keep your business area secure, you need locks, and you need to grant access to certain staff and restrict sensitive areas from your workers. But, keeping a tab on your business building is necessary to deter any form of malicious activities.

Master keying is a form of system that allows you to open multiple locks with one key. It eliminates the need to carry tons of keys around. The master key system grants only you and other important stakeholders' access to restricted areas.

How Does a Master Key Work?

It can be mysterious when a key can open different locks that have their unique keys. So, how does a master key work?

A master key makes use of the basic pin tumbler locks. A lock usually operates by having sets of pins supported by springs. Each set of pins contains a driver pin with a fixed length and a key pin with a varying length. The pins are pushed and assembled at the shear line when a key is inserted. Once that is done, the bolt is retracted.

When it comes to the master key, the lock has extra pins called pin wafers, usually between each driver and key pins. There is also a second shear line for the master key. When a master key is inserted, the pins assemble at the master shear line, causing the master key to unlock the lock.

Levels of Master Key

There are different levels of master keys, and each level has its uniqueness. Here are the notable ones.

  • Great Grandmaster Key

The great grandmaster key is usually the highest, and the CEO holds it. The great grandmaster key has access to every possible lock in the firm and can override lower master keys' access.

  • Grandmaster Key

The Grandmaster key also has access to numerous locks but may not be able to access highly secured areas that a great grandmaster key can. The manager of the firm usually owns this key.

  • The Master Key

Master keys also have access to numerous locks, and as you may have guessed, it may not have access to places that the grandmaster key has. It is usually held by HR or other important executives.

  • Sub-keys

This is the lowest level of master keys, and these keys can only unlock one door. It is usually given to staff or persons that require access to one area.

Master keying can be a life saver to business owners, especially those whose main concern is security. However, not every locksmith out there can develop or install an effective master key system. Contact us at GreenPro Locksmith to develop an effective master keying system for your business. 

Nov 30, 2023
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