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Exterior Door Security Myths

Exterior Door Security Myths

Intruders often invade a property by breaking through the front or back exterior doors. Thus, making exterior doors the first line of defense against burglars or criminals invading a property.

However, there are some myths about exterior door security that may prevent you from obtaining the optimum security for your home. In his article, we look at 4 exterior door security myths.

High-Security Locks are More Secure Than Manual Locks

High-security lock installation has become common in homes and businesses worldwide. Electronic locks come in different models and make, depending on the level of security that you desire. From keypad locks that require codes to biometric locks using fingerprint or face ID. 

Besides they provide, high-security exterior locks are more convenient to use. However, they are not better at security than manual locks. There are some strong keyed locks designed with quality materials that are more secure than electronic locks in safeguarding a home or business. This is because maximum strength doesn't rank too in the design criteria for electronic locks 

Thus, whichever lock type you desire to use for your property, ensure you consult a trusted locksmith to get directives on the most suitable and secure lock for your door.

Deadbolt Locks Are Secure Against Door Kick-ins

Burglars or criminals often kick exterior doors to gain entry. Although some drill while others pick the locks, door kick-ins are by far the most common method.

Now, many property owners believe that using deadbolt locks on doors makes it difficult, or almost impossible, for a burglar to break in by kicking. However, this is not true because installing deadbolts on doors is not a full-proof against kick-ins. Some burglars can still break easily into doors equipped with deadbolts and cart away with valuables. 

This is not to say that you should do away with deadbolt locks because they are indeed good security locks. Instead, you should upgrade the security by contacting GreenPro Locksmith to install an additional security device such as a floor-mounted brace. The floor-mounted brace provides additional resistance against kick-ins. 

Outward Swinging Exterior Doors Are More Secure

Hiring a locksmith to replace an inward-swinging exterior door with one that swings outward is a good idea. Outward swinging doors help prevent break-ins through door kick-ins. Nevertheless, they do not offer more protection than inward swinging doors, which are equipped with better security features. 

The hinges of an inward swinging exterior door are much more difficult for a burglar to tamper with than the hinges of its outward counterpart. Although the exterior hinges of the outward swinging door can be equipped with protective devices that dissuade door removal, its security can still be overrun.

Sliding Glass Doors Are All The Same

It is a fact that all sliding glass doors are not alike. Although every sliding glass door should be equipped with a bar for additional security in case an intruder breaks through, some glass door bars do not offer the required security like others.

Screw-mounted bars, pressure lock bars, and bars held in place with double-sided tape are the most common bar types used to secure sliding glass doors. For better-sliding door security, ask the locksmith professional to install a screw-mounted bar. This bar type offers optimum security compared to pressure lock bars, and bars held by double-sided tape.

Nov 30, 2023
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