Home Security Tips for Students

Going off the college is an exciting time for students and the last thing they might want to think of is security tips. But if you want your college experience to be as enjoyable as possible, then you are going to want to practice good home security. Keep yourself and your possessions safe with some of these home security tips for students, brought to you by GreenPro Locksmith. If it ever happens that you need a reliable, certified locksmith in Atlanta at any time of the day, just call GreenPro Locksmith to get in touch with one of our live representatives. We are always prepared to help.

Lock Doors and Windows

The excitement of passing into a whole new stage of life can make you a little forgetful. Some students get so caught up in the thrill of it all that they even forget to lock doors and windows. It is okay to leave the door open or let some air in through the windows but remember the basics: lock your doors and windows! This is important even if you are heading out to a communal area or the bathroom for a few minutes. It only takes a few seconds for someone to pop in, take some items, and breeze out.

Keep Your Possessions Away from View

The last thing you want to do is tempt a potential thief. Practice good security and modesty by hiding expensive items from view. This is especially crucial for tech items such as laptops, phones, and tablets as they are easy to swipe and have a high price tag! Don’t leave them on your windowsill or out of your line of sight, and pull your curtains when you are not at home. 

Don’t Lend Your Keys

We hate to sound cynical, but you should be skeptical of friends you have just met. It can feel like you have known your suitemate or classmate for your whole life, but don’t lend your keys to people who have recently met. Instead, if they left something in your room or if they need your key for whatever reason, walk with them. Plus, that gives you more time to connect!

Ask Your Landlord About Rekeying

Apartments and homes in university areas have high turnover; many students come and go. When you move into a new place, make sure to ask your landlord whether the locks have been changed or rekeyed. Otherwise you run the risk of sharing a key with a previous resident of the apartment or home. A rekeying is a quick and easy way to make sure old keys can not unlock your doors and windows. GreenPro Locksmith offers this service at an affordable price.

Save GreenPro Locksmith’s Number

You never know when you will need a locksmith’s service. Fortunately, GreenPro Locksmith is available at any and every time of the day – or night. Save GreenPro Locksmith’s number to your phone so that you have access to a certified locksmith around the clock. We are always ready to help.

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