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Home Security Tips for the Holidays

Home Security Tips for the Holidays

It is your favorite time of the year to unwind and relieve the stress, whether alone or with your family. The holidays are always a beautiful time to look forward to; you'd get luxurious treatment, relax, visit new places, beaches, and much more. It is indeed a time to stay away from work. And also your home.

Burglars know that homeowners travel for vacation on holidays, and prepare adequately to carry out their plans without even the neighbors suspecting. And when there's no one to stop their burglary activity, you will arrive home and realize many of your valuables have gone missing.

We don't want anything to ruin your vacation, so we will provide you with home security tips that guarantee that your home stays secure even if you are away. 

Keep Your Vacation Details Away from Social Media

It is always tempting to brag to your friends and follow on various social media platforms that you are going on vacation to have a great time! And although there's nothing wrong in doing that, it may be a green light for potential burglars. Your Instagram friends may not be burglars, but their friends or random person who happens to see your post suggestion may have bad intentions. So, keep details of your vacation, such as flight ticket photos, travel time, or places, away from social media.

Maintain Your Regular Home Routines

Nothing gives you away than piles of mail, unmowed lawn, or snow piles around your home. Ensure you hire a helping hand or inform a friend to take care of your lawn and snow when you are away. You can as well put your emails on hold to avoid excesses.

Also, you can install an electronic timer that maintains the light regulations and other devices when you are away. It will turn on and off your lights and TV at specific times to give the impression that the home is occupied.

Inform a Trusted Friend or Neighbor

It feels good when you know someone is watching your back. In this case, your home. Ensure you inform a trusted neighbor or friend to perform routine checks around your house and report any suspicious activities to the authority. They can also be helpful in case you have pets or plants that need to be nurtured.

Invest in Durable Locks and Security Systems

Ensuring your house is equipped with durable locks such as a deadbolt lock and your doors and windows are reinforced will give you peace of mind. In addition, make sure you invest in high-security lock installation to deter burglars from your home. Install quality locks that will frustrate burglar's attempt to have access into your house even if they succeed in coming near. Also, have security alarms that will notify you. Lastly, ensure your windows are reinforced and have good locks and security lights around your home.

Final Notes

Your home can be protected from burglary when you are away for holidays. All you have to do is to ensure that you follow these security tips and install quality locks. You can contact GreenPro Locksmith for your high-security lock installation.

Nov 30, 2023
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