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Honda Key Problems

Honda Key Problems

A problematic lock system is one of the worst experiences a car owner can have. It could disrupt your movement and activities for the entire day. You may also incur out-of-pocket expenditure while trying to fix it, and the situation could just put you in a bad mood!

Honda models have a problem with the keys ranging from inability to turn in the ignition, stuck keys, steering wheel getting locked, battery malfunction, and many other faults.

In this article, we will be highlighting the common problems with Honda keys and simple fixes for each problem.

Common Honda Key Problems

Locked Steering Wheel

This is a common Honda key problem that occurs when your steering wheel does not move after starting the car. When you turn your key abruptly in the ignition after you park the car it can cause the steering wheel to get locked.

How to Fix

Turn the key back and forth till it gets loosened up. If that doesn't work, then turn the key in the opposite direction and turn the steering wheel until it becomes loose.

Honda Key Does Not Start the Car

Sometimes, the problem is not with the key but may be the starter. Check with your starter and consider a replacement. Another major cause of Honda keys not starting is a weak battery. In addition to starter and battery issues, other causes might be faulty ignition cylinder, dead key Fob batteries, internal damage to key fob.

If the key can crank the engine and you can put on the radio and air conditioner, then the problem is with the battery. Consider replacing it fast.

Honda Key is Stuck in the Ignition

If your Honda key is stuck in the door lock or the ignition then you need to be gentle and move the key slowly to get it out.

Continuously turn the Honda key left and right to loosen it up, it should come out after a few minutes. If that doesn't work, lubricate the keyhole with W4 lubricants and keep turning the key so it can easily slip out.

Honda Key Does Not Work After Battery Change

Changing the batteries of your Honda key fob can interrupt the programming codes and cause the key to malfunction.

To fix this issue, you need to reprogram the key following the steps below:

  • Turn the car ignition switch on
  • Press the button between the stereo and the CD control buttons.
  • Hold until all steps are completed
  • Press the lock and unlock button back and forth until you get a beeping sound.

This way, you have reprogrammed the key fob and it should start working.


In case you experience any problem described above and it seems difficult to fix, then get in touch with a professional from the GreenPro Locksmith. We will send an experienced and knowledgeable locksmith to your location. He will diagnose the problem and fix the issue fast. We also offer other services like key cutting, installation, and repairs. Call us today to enjoy exceptional services.

Nov 30, 2023
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