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How A Deadbolt Can Improve Security

How A Deadbolt Can Improve Security

Locks and keys wear down with frequent use and change in weather. So, you need a locksmith to maintain, repair, or replace your locks as time goes on. In some situations, you may need a deadbolt replacement service. Other times, you may only need to lubricate your lock to get it working perfectly. Having a locksmith assess your locks will ensure you get reliable recommendations that will improve the security of your home or office.

Deadbolts are durable, reliable, and offer unmatched security against break-ins. Hence, making them the perfect choice for business owners and homeowners. In this post, we will take a look at how a deadbolt can improve the security of your property.

Why Deadbolts Are Effective

Deadbolts are known for their durability, strength, and mechanical deterrent against burglars and break-ins. When the reinforced steel bolt in a deadbolt is extended, it travels through the strike plate and the door jamb on the door frame. Hence, making a deadbolt strong and resistant to force such as attempts to kick the door open. This is why deadbolts offer better security than simple locks.

Another reason why a deadbolt is the go-to lock option for homeowners and business owners is its reliability and durability. Most deadbolts can withstand extreme weather conditions and they often last for decades. Furthermore, deadbolts are mechanical and they can be rekeyed.

Choosing the Perfect Deadbolt

Deadbolt locks come in various brands, models, shapes, and sizes. They also vary in locking features and quality. In the past, deadbolts required a traditional key to open and lock. Today, homeowners and business owners can choose between combination code deadbolts and battery-powered keyless entry deadbolts. As a result of technology evolution, you can choose between biometric, combination code, smart, or traditional deadbolts.

Single-cylinder deadbolts are most common among homeowners. This type of deadbolt opens using a flat fitting or knob inside the home and locks using a key from the outside. Double-cylinder deadbolts on the other hand are most common among office owners. You need a key to unlock or lock a double-cylinder deadbolt from both sides. This type of deadbolt is the go-to lock option in most manufacturing facilities, retail stores, and offices.

A trained locksmith can help you find the perfect deadbolt that meets your needs. Also, hiring a locksmith for deadbolt replacement ensures that you get a quality product and reliable services. Installing a deadbolt requires a level of skillset and experience you can only find in a professional service provider.

Final Thoughts

It is normal to be concerned about the security of your property and the safety of your belongings. However, repairing or replacing this type of lock without adequate training and experience could create permanent damage to the lock or door.

Are you concerned about the security and safety of your home or office? You need an expert to meet your locksmith needs and GreenPro Locksmith will give you reliable service and a satisfactory experience. Contact us today to assess your property and recommend measures that will improve its security.

Nov 30, 2023
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