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How Burglars Bypass Residential Locks

How Burglars Bypass Residential Locks

The great majority of house break-ins have several distinguishing characteristics. Intruders seek a quick in-and-out strike when they break into residences, and they aim to quickly get in and out with valuables by finding easy entry points into people's homes. Some burglars will target a specific house, wait around and break in several times, but the vast majority will choose the easiest victim. Often, they gain entry through poorly secured windows and doors, as well as those with weak locks or those that are made of flimsier materials.

Knowing how intruders choose a house to rob and bypass residential locks can better help you to protect yourself against them.

Common Ways Intruders Bypass Residential Locks

There are many ways intruders can bypass residential locks. They can use lock-picking tools; at other times, they rely on the homeowners' negligence and take advantage of any security lapse. Below are a few ways intruders bypass residential locks.

Absence of Deadbolt Locks

There is no doubt that deadbolts are the most popular lock option of residential locks today. Deadlocks are ideal for residential purposes since they are built to last and equipped with characteristics that make them resistant to damaging force. However, many homeowners fail to install a deadbolt on their front door, making it easy for intruders to pick their locks and gain entry into their homes.

Unlocked Doors and Windows

In many cases, burglars can gain access without needing to open door locks. Some homeowners forget to lock the back door or the windows, providing the ideal opportunity for intruders. As a result, these thieves may quickly gain access to your home without damaging the door or the lock.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a beautiful piece to include in a building. They bring in sunlight, spectacular vistas of lush landscapes, or soothing views of snow-covered terrain into your house, making the outside seem more like an extension of your living space. However, sliding doors are not a suitable security accessory for residential homes and are easy to bypass by professional burglars. To prevent intruders from entering via your sliding door, install a safety bar or insert a thin dowel rod into the track frame.

Open Garage Doors

An open garage door gives intruders a simple entrance point into your home. Most garage doors are secured by low-quality locks because many homeowners place more emphasis on securing their front doors, leaving the garage less secure. Intruders can take advantage of an open garage to gain access to your home and steal valuables.


Give intruders no chance to break into your home. Beef your security with top-security residential locks that are pick-proof and can withstand force. You should always rely on a professional locksmith who has been in the industry for a while if you need to change locks or find the right locksmith. You can trust GreenPro Locksmith to provide you with high-quality services. We are licensed, and our affordable locksmiths are certified to execute all lock-related issues excellently.

Nov 30, 2023
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