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How Locksmith Scam Works

How Locksmith Scam Works

Trust is the most important thing in the locksmithing profession. Just like other professions, the locksmith industry has been invaded by scam artists. For this reason, it is necessary to exercise caution when dealing with a locksmith to avoid being scammed! You must understand how these scams work to evade financial exploitation!

Lockout and installation scams are now popular among criminals wanting to take advantage of people searching for locksmiths. Such scams always entail overpricing of services or manipulating the victim to earn more money.

In a locksmith scam, a local business listing poses as a legitimate locksmith mainly online. Locksmith scammers are dispatched through the agents in a call center. Perhaps the worst thing is that they come when you are at your weakest moment. Then, what is involved in a locksmith scam?

Unable to Provide a License

Scammers do not possess proper licenses, certifications, or insurance. Most times, when you demand evidence, they could come up with flimsy excuses or provide fake records. Try to ask for their license during the negotiation stages and then request to see the license and their IDs when they arrive.

Low Advertised Prices

Another antic of locksmith scammers is to advertise low prices for their services. It should be a red flag when you notice a locksmith service with extremely attractive lower prices. In the long run, they will include hidden charges for additional services and/or materials. If you aren’t observant, they might also include exorbitant fees claiming that their jobs are more complex than required.

Ridiculous Excuses

It is important to note that fake locksmiths are likely to tell you that your lock is a high-security lock or commercial lock that cannot be opened or picked. Then they will drill your locks or bore additional holes on your door to install inferior locks. Kindly note that lock drilling is the last option when it comes to lockouts and installations. On most occasions, a trained locksmith should be able to open any lock without drilling them.

Unqualified, Inexperienced Locksmiths

Here, inexperienced people or scammers take up locksmith work and end up causing damage to keys, locks, or security installations.

Demand Only Cash

Often, scammers demand cash transactions in order not to leave footprints that could lead to the transaction. Credible locksmith companies usually accept major credit cards as a method of payment.

Use of Pressure Tactics

Locksmith scammers may put extra pressure on you demanding immediate replacement of your locks, or in some cases, they may even employ extreme scaring tactics.

They Are Unprofessional

If disrespect is shown to you as a customer and they waste your time and money, do not allow it. A professional locksmith is always polite and shows civility.

Do not become a victim; we’ve got you!

If you need a reliable locksmith service provider, call GreenPro Locksmith. All our locksmiths are honest and ready to do even more for your security. You can always count on us as we have vast experience in this area.

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Nov 18, 2023
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