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How to Choose a Right Lock?

How to Choose a Right Lock?

Since your choice of a lock determines whether your home will stay protected or vulnerable to burglary, then you need to go the extra mile while choosing one for your home or office. Locks are the go-to tools to secure a place, whether a home or a commercial building. However, the quality and type of lock determine the level of security and convenience your home will get, making it important to choose the right locks.

Unfortunately, choosing a lock isn't as easy as it seems. There are many options around, and one can get overwhelmed easily. But relax, we will share some tips to help you get the right lock. So let's get right into it.

Understand the Functions and Features

Before thinking of purchasing a lock, you must know the functions and features of the lock. Will it be installed on interior doors or front doors? Is it highly resistant to picking? Getting the right answer to this question will help you determine the type of lock because there are different locks for different purposes. Exterior doors demand a high-security and durable lock while lesser security locks will do just fine for interior doors. For example, getting a deadbolt lock for a bedroom door may not be the wisest decision, and investing in a grade 2 lock for a front door will make your home susceptible to burglary.

Know your Lock Needs

There are different types of locks meant to solve certain needs. If you are careless, getting a keyless lock, like a key fob or dial-pad lock, will be your best option. For those residing in an extremely cold state, an anti-freeze lock is part of the qualities you should be considering.

Consider Quality and Endurance

Lock durability and quality matter. When choosing a lock, it is best to go for locks that have passed the ANSI tests and have been graded.

There are three grades of lock; Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3. The Grade 1 locks are the best ones that have been tested to withstand possible destructive methods, while Grade 2 and Grade 3 offer lesser durability. Grade 1 locks are most suitable for exterior doors, while a Grade 2 lock can pass for interior doors.

Price Factor

Once you've determined the function, lock needs, and quality, you can consider the price factor. Even with the best locks, there are still price variations. Therefore, ensure the locks are within your budget. Even at that, make sure you do not sacrifice quality for a lower price.

Contact Professional Locksmith

Choosing the right lock can be easier and much faster. All you need to do is contact a professional locksmith who will analyze your home and determine the right lock that will give it maximum security.

After making your choice, you need a professional locksmith for lock installation. It is one thing to get a top-quality lock and another to install it correctly. Contact GreenPro Locksmith for all types of lock repairs, rekeying, access control installation, and more.

Nov 30, 2023
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