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How To Ensure Door Lock Longevity

How To Ensure Door Lock Longevity

Most times, homeowners underestimate the role locks play in the security and aesthetics of the building. When you make caring for the lock a routine, it increases its effectiveness and longevity. You won’t be enduring sticky or faulty locks on your door.

Here are some tips that will help make your door locks last longer.

Regularly Clean Your Locks

Tidying up is a major part of maintenance, and locks are by no means an exception in this aspect. Door locks face daily battles with those elements that lead to the accumulation of dust, dirt, and grime. If you skip cleanings, the dirt can accumulate and lead to jamming or sticking.

Regular cleaning could be achieved by greasing the keyway with spray lube or wiping the lock's body with a soft cloth. With time, even quality locks require periodic maintenance to keep them in top shape.

Handle Locks with Care

Do not use so much power when opening and closing the locks. This is because it can result in several problems like malfunction and wear-out. Likewise, this can occur through jamming of doors. The finest locks are those with moving parts that require little effort to operate. As a result, make sure the key goes in the right place and apply only the amount of force needed to turn it.

Plus, be careful with the handle, so it doesn't break. Ensure you don't lock the deadbolt or latch to keep the door from slamming shut. The breaking effect on the exposed deadbolt and lock mechanism could cause severe damage to the lock, which cannot be repaired.

Lubricate the Interior of the Locks

Consider using graphite instead of petroleum-based oil. It is often ignored because people might not see its significance. Just add a small amount of lubricant inside the lock and try to roll the key in and out to move any dirt blockages.

Avoid Slamming Your Doors

It's a tempting move to slam the door behind you. But trust us, it weakens the hinges and brings the door out of its frame. To maintain your doors, do not slam the doors as part of your maintenance routine.

Duplicate Your Keys

Another way to make sure you have a good-conditioned door is to handle your keys properly. Keys can have a shorter life span than the lock. It is wise to make duplicate copies of the original set of keys for future use.

When it is visible that your keys are wearing out, then consider a key replacement. Further use of worn keys can either damage the lock mechanism or even break the key.

Seek Help from a Professional When Your Lock Malfunctions

If you've tried every lock maintenance tip and it still does not work, then it is time to visit a professional locksmith. The locksmith can figure out if the lock requires replacement or other maintenance tasks you need to do.

We are always Excited to Help

Should you encounter locks or key problems, feel free to get in touch. GreenPro Locksmith provides a comprehensive range of locksmith services using experienced and trained professionals. Additionally, we go the extra mile to meet the lock and security needs of our customers.

Mar 23, 2024
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