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How to Fix Your Remote Car Key

How to Fix Your Remote Car Key

A remote key is a great option for modern cars. However, users could get frustrated when they begin to malfunction. You might be dealing with a dead battery, wrong key fob programming, key mismatch, or component malfunction. Other issues require a more complicated process, even to the point of replacement.

Can you fix the problems yourself, or do you need to call a locksmith for help? Whatever the case, you can still get your key working again. In this article, we have listed five ways to fix your remote key so it can start working correctly.

Change the Dead Battery

Consider battery replacement if you are dealing with dead batteries. Gently open up the remote key and take note of the button contacts to ensure they are in place while taking out the dead battery. Ensure the new battery is the same as specified in the manual.

Fix Worn Out Button Contacts

Wear and tear is a common key fob issue to deal with. The button contacts could become loose over time. Other parts of the internal mechanism could also develop faults. 

This can cause the buttons and the circuit board to stop having contact and the key fob will stop functioning. To resolve this issue, get some tiny bits of aluminum foil and spread them on the buttons. This will help in better electric conductivity.

Reattach Loose Switches

If the problem turns out to be more than having loose buttons, check the SMT switches. Properly open the fob, check for loosened switches, and fix them. 

If you need a switch replacement, there are different types in the departmental stores. To get the exert type, go with the circuit board. You can contact a reliable locksmith to help resolve switch issues.

Key Fob Re-Programming

Key fobs are remote keys that work with the car's receiver unit to grant access and lock the entire system.

You must reprogram the key fob when the remote key and the vehicle no longer recognize each other. As a car owner, you can go ahead to reprogram the key fob if you have the technical attributes and tools. If not, your local locksmith service can do that for you at an affordable rate. 

Key Fob Replacement 

When you have done everything and are stuck with your key fob, then consider a replacement. Though the dealership can get the job done, it might take a while! In addition, their services are expensive. To get top-quality key fob services at affordable rates call GreenPro Locksmith. 

We are available to help fix Your Remote Car Key

Problem identification is the first thing in fixing your remote car key. Find out what is stopping the key fob from working - it requires simple troubleshooting. Then if you are not technically savvy, call GreenPro Locksmith. We will arrive to deliver key fob programming or replacement services. 

We are a reputable automotive locksmith service provider having skilled technicians to cut physical keys or program the remote keys. We are in business because of you and are always ready to meet your needs whenever possible.

Nov 30, 2023
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