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How to Get a New Smart Car Key

How to Get a New Smart Car Key

Smart car keys have taken security to a new level, making accessibility more convenient for car owners. But what happens if you misplace your smart car key? Misplacing your smart car key means you won't have access to your car, nor will you start the engine. So, getting a new smart car key is inevitable in the long run. 

However, with the tedious process of getting a new smart car key, the programming process, and ensuring that everything works perfectly, you may be confused about the right steps to take.

So, how do you get a new smart car key, and where can you get it at an affordable price? Read along to find out various options available to you. 

Third-Party Retailer is Not Your Best Option

The internet has proven to be the first place to find a quick solution to anything, including buying a smart car key. There are a lot of third-party retailers that offer smart car keys on their websites or online shopping stores. But unfortunately, you cannot guarantee the quality of these smart car keys, nor can you find out if they invalidated the car keys from another engine. 

Although purchasing a smart key from a third-party retailer will be your cheapest option, you will still need to program the key to your car. The programming process requires a professional, thereby increasing the overall price of the service request. Besides, you cannot determine the quality of these keys online, nor can you know whether the store is legit or not. 


The dealership is one of the most secure places to get your smart car keys programmed into your car. They offer different models of smart car keys, so there is a high chance of finding your car's model smart key from a dealership. They also offer excellent services, thus making them reliable. Unfortunately, dealership prices can be outrageous, and you don't know whether you got the best deal. 

In addition, the new smart key has to be programmed when the car is near, which makes the dealership option ineffective if you cannot move your car to their shop. If you opt for the dealership, you must consider towing your car to their workshop. That is another stressful process.

Trusted Auto Locksmith 

An advantage of an automotive locksmith is that you get your new smart car key at a cheaper rate than the dealership. Also, they can come over to any location to deliver the key programming or configuration request.

Without being biased, one of the options you can go with is to hire a professional from GreenPro Locksmith. We can undertake from start to finish the programming process. Feel free to call us to find out the best quotes and prices for the variety of services we render.

We have the experience, capability, and right tools to help you with your key fob programming, installation, rekeying, or key extraction request at a cheaper rate. Call us today to experience the difference in service delivery.

Nov 30, 2023
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