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How To Install Keyless Entry Systems On Historic Homes

How To Install Keyless Entry Systems On Historic Homes

So you've got a historical home but would like a more modern entry system? No worries, GreenPro Locksmith is equipped with the team and the tools to get the job done right. When updating parts of a historical home, you might be concerned about keeping all of the original parts intact and undamaged. At GreenPro Locksmith, we'll handle your valuable home with care and install or update your keyless entry system properly and without damage. Customer safety and satisfaction are our priority, we'll treat your home as if it's our own.

What Do I Do With My Old Entry System?

You're wondering, "what happens to my old entry system when I update to a keyless entry system?" When we install the keyless entry system onto your historic home, we'll make sure to carefully remove the old system first. Depending on what your old system was, our locksmith will carefully remove the parts without causing any damage to your property and begin installation of the new system. If your previous entry system had any cables or wires attached to it, we may use those or remove them depending on their condition. A GreenPro Locksmith technician will provide all of the details involved in the new system installation. You may choose to keep parts of your old entry system or recycle them.

First, We Prep the Area

In order to properly install the new keyless entry system onto your historic home, a GreenPro Locksmith technician may outline and mark parts of the door. By prepping this area, we will ensure proper and flawless placement of the new parts of the system. Any markings we make on the door or home will be temporary and easily wiped away. We will not cause any damage to the property as we understand the value of keeping your home as is and damage free.

Installing the Keypad

After we've established the details of your original entry system and prepped the area, we're ready to install the keypad and other parts of the system. At GreenPro Locksmith, our team members are equipped with the tools and knowledge to carefully and correctly position the keypad and door handle. To do this, we make sure that the deadbolts are lined up where they are supposed to be without pinching any cables or wires and without interrupting the battery of the system. Once everything is put into place and installed, the system should work perfectly. All that's left to do is set up the system for entry.

Setting Up the Keypad Entry Code

Once we have put everything in its place and installed the keyless entry system, it's time to set up the code for entry. You'll be given a backup key in case the battery runs out before you can replace it. If you'd like to change the look of your keypad system, talk to our dependable locksmith about the options we have available.

Call GreenPro Locksmith

If you'd like to get a keyless entry system installed onto your historic home, give us a call. You'll be in good hands. Schedule over the phone or online.

Jul 18, 2021
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