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How to Lock a Closet Door Without a Lock

How to Lock a Closet Door Without a Lock

Some of our valuables are protected by closet doors, but they can't be safe in the absence of locks! Securing a closet door without a lock is challenging but resourcefulness and creativity can prove handy in ensuring it remains locked. 

To help you understand how to secure your closet door without using locks, we will provide different tips on how to go about that in this article.

Use a Rope or Cord

You can secure the space by using a simple rope or cord. This can be done from the inside. Here’s how:

  • Open the door and move to the strike plate
  • Take off one screw that is fixed on the strike plate using a screwdriver
  • Make a loop out of either shoelace or cord and slip it under the plate
  • Put back the screw, ensuring that it holds the shoelace in place
  • Close and lock the door by placing the shoelace around the handle or latch.

Zip-Tie Locks

You can repurpose zip-ties to act as locks for closet doors. Use these points for an instant solution:

  • Loop through the strike plate when the door is open.
  • Ensure the zip tie is tightened so that there is no way to open the door
  • Cut any unwanted length to make it neat

Magnetic Locks

Consider magnetic locks as a unique way of locking. These intelligent systems use magnetism to secure your closet discreetly. Magnetic locks are available commercially and mostly require little effort to fix. Ensure you follow the manufacturer's directions or get a locksmith during installation.

Use Furniture

Put a big strong object like a cabinet or bookcase at the back or in front of the closet door. Make sure it is stable and cannot be moved easily to give privacy as well as security by blocking the entrance.

Use a Wedge to Stop Closets from Opening

A doorstop wedge is a good option for access restriction. Place the wedge at the bottom of the closet door so it can tightly secure against the floor. This is important because it restricts the closet doors from opening easily.

Portable Security Devices

For higher-end solutions, check out portable security devices designed for doors. Some of those hardware pieces act as strong blocks against unauthorized entry. Choose equipment that fits your closet doorway and adhere strictly to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Use a Door Barricade

This is a good and reliable way of ensuring that the doors are more secure. A door barricade is most suitable for sliding closet doors. Typically, they consist of a strong metal bar laid horizontally across the door to create a solid barrier. Make sure you choose the right barricade for added security. Just like other products, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best experience.


Getting privacy and security for your closet door without a lock may seem impossible. However, with these tips, you can have the security you desire. Each method has its perks with a great blend of security, convenience, and ease of use. With these great solutions, you can lock your closet door securely and know your items are safe. Contact an expert locksmith from GreenPro Locksmith for professional lock installation if you are still confused about ways to do that.

Feb 03, 2024
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