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How to Remove A Locked Door Knob From Outside

How to Remove A Locked Door Knob From Outside

There are different reasons you may be stuck outside a locked door - from key loss to unavoidable damages and forgotten access code! If a spare key isn't available, one of the methods to regain access is to remove the door knob from the outside. 

Disassembling a door knob from the outside is possible with the right tools and expertise. In this guide, we look at three possible methods that can be used to remove a locked door knob from the outside. 

Methods Used For Door Knob Removal

Access through the Interior

Fasteners on the interior usually secure door knobs. So, an option to remove a lock door knob is to find your way inside the house. This method might seem off, but it works if you can access the house interior by opening the locked door knob from outside or using another entry point.   

However, if there is only one entryway, this wouldn't be possible. An example is when you are dealing with bathroom door locks or you are locked out of the home. In such cases, windows and back doors are usually impossible to fit through or access. Thus, if there is no alternative access point, you will have to wait till the door is opened before you can think of removing the door knob. When faced with a situation like this, you can hire qualified locksmith to perform a door lockout service

Find the Fasteners

One factor determining how a door knob is removed from the outside is how the knob is used to secure the door. Keyed door knobs often use two set screws or a catch release hole on the interior side of the door. If you are unable to see the fasteners (screws), it means that they are hidden. The screws might be covered by the rose of the door knob - the flat part of the handle between the door and the knob. 

Also, while checking the rose knob, try to find out if there are any holes in the spindle. The hole might provide a release pin for the door knob. 

In contrast, non-keyed door knobs use fasteners or threaded roses that twist off for removal. If the fasteners or threaded roses are loose already, it will be quite easy to remove the door knob from the outside. You must grip the rose from both sides to turn if they are not already loose.

Tricky Removal

If the lock is broken, it will be difficult removing the door knob from the outside. Also, this is applicable when the door has expanded, some parts will be harder to move or remove. And full removal can be limited by stuck or jammed components. 

To loosen the stuck parts, you need lubrication. Any type of lubricant will work in this case because you just want to remove the doorknob. Another trick is to use a flathead screwdriver to turn the spindle or actuator. The screwdriver helps you to apply more torque to the mechanism that is used to retract the latch. The applied force can pull the grinding parts past each other for a one-time opening. 

Remember, too much leverage can damage the hardware. So before applying torque, ensure the loose parts are well secured. For a speedy door knob removal, contact a GreenPro Locksmith. We are a trusted locksmith service provider equipped and experienced in handling all your lock and security concerns.

Nov 30, 2023
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