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How to Secure Your Mailbox from Theft

How to Secure Your Mailbox from Theft

These days, criminals target mailboxes to steal sensitive information, packages, and identities. Sometimes, they can get access to crucial bank and identity details in the compromised mailboxes. 

For good reason, mailbox theft is a federal offense; efforts should be made to prevent being a victim of this crime. Mail theft is an issue and the reason why we must find ways of securing our mail. However, you shouldn't wait to experience mailbox theft before making it as safe as reasonably possible!

A skilled locksmith can assist in installing a high-security mailbox. Let's see the numerous ways to secure your mailbox against theft.

Install a Mailbox Alarm for Added Security

One of the fairest ways to prevent theft is to retrieve your mail promptly, and that's where a mailbox alarm comes in handy.

A mailbox alarm provides mail arrival and access notifications. These alarms offer great convenience because they keep you informed about activities concerning your mailbox.

You have simple options with transmitters that send a signal and play a chime when your mail arrives. Plus, you can opt for more advanced options that connect to Wi-Fi and can send texts or emails to your phone. For assistance, with mailbox alarm installation, consider reaching out to a locksmith.

Monitor and Secure Your Mailbox

If you suspect mail theft, it might be worth investing in a surveillance camera. A small Wi-Fi camera is a good choice for this purpose. 

However, video recordings can sometimes make it challenging to identify the perpetrator. If the camera isn't precisely aimed at a mailbox in an apartment building, it can lead to false suspicions.

Minimize the Time Your Mail Is Unattended

The longer your letters and packages sit unattended in your mailbox or on the porch, the more opportunity thieves have to steal them. If you know your mail's typical delivery time, make an effort to retrieve it promptly or ask a neighbor for assistance. Also, wait until closer to the delivery or pickup times to place mail or packages for pickup.

Watch Out for Change of Address Forms

Mail thieves sometimes file fake change of address forms to redirect your mail to a less secure location. If a change of address form has been filed in your name, USPS will send you a verification form. If you receive this verification form but haven't requested a change of address, be sure to follow the instructions on the form to alert postal inspectors.

Invest in a High-Security Mailbox

The initial step in preventing mail theft is upgrading to a security mailbox. Security mailboxes offer enhanced features to safeguard your mail. Their design ensures that letter mail is securely stored, and packages are protected until you retrieve them. To install a security mailbox, a residential locksmith from GreenPro Locksmith can assist.

Maintain a Strong Neighborhood Watch

Consider establishing a neighborhood watch program or joining an existing one. Neighbors should be encouraged to report suspicious activities around mailboxes, and all households should engage in watching each other's mail activities. Working together provides a secure working surrounding and minimizes the chances of theft of mail.

Can We help?

Do you require a dependable locksmith's assistance? The safety of your sensitive items boils down to proactive mailbox security. This entails taking the necessary security measures before falling victim to mail theft. 

If you require additional advice or assistance with any of your lock or security needs, don't hesitate to reach out to GreenPro Locksmith.

Nov 30, 2023
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