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How to Spot a Car Locksmith Scammer

How to Spot a Car Locksmith Scammer

Hiring an unlicensed locksmith is never a good idea, leading to worse situations. You would not want to hire somebody who does not have a professional license and does not offer certified services. GreenPro Locksmith can meet all your auto locksmith service needs.

With us, you are doing business with the best in the industry, and we promise you that we will deliver quality service when needed. We also offer excellent car lockout, vehicle rekeying, new lock installation, ignition repair, and other car key services.

Spotting a Locksmith Scammer

If you are ever experience a lockout of your car or home, it can be tempting to call the first company you come across. But, if you're not extremely careful, you may end up the victim of a scam. Scammers are always one step ahead.

Check the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Before hiring a locksmith, check out their BBB profile. A reputable locksmith will have an A+ rating and few customer complaints. The BBB page should also include information on where the company is located and how long it has been in business.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) also certifies companies that meet specific standards of legitimacy and honesty. These companies pay an annual fee for membership and make efforts to provide good service to their customers. This is another way to find out if your locksmith is legit "” check if the company has the BBB logo on its site or letterhead.

Lack of a Written Estimate

These crooks will try to scam you by giving you an estimate over the phone that's much lower than what they'll end up charging after they do the job. They'll also try to use shoddy parts that might break after installing them.

Lack of a Website

Most locksmiths have at least an essential website these days, both because it's cheap and because having one is necessary for getting enough business. If someone claims to be a locksmith but doesn't have any web presence, he probably isn't an honest locksmith.

Answering Phones

They answer their phones with generic phrases. Another sign of an amateur scammer is answering his phone with "locksmith services" or "locksmith company." This is something most legitimate businesses don't do because they want you to know who you're calling. Instead, they'll pick up the name of the company right away.

Lack of a License, Certification, Or Professional Affiliation

In most areas, locksmiths must be licensed by their state government. You can often see these licenses posted on their website or physically in their office. If they do not have this license, they may not be legit.

Poor Online Reviews

Quickly research the locksmith company to avoid being scammed. You can search for the company's name on Google, Bing, or Yahoo and read reviews from previous customers. If there are many negative reviews with comments like "I got scammed" or "I was overcharged," then that's a red flag that this company isn't what it claims to be.

Lack of an ID, a Vehicle With Business Markings, Or Any Sign of Professionalism

A car locksmith scammer will appear unprofessional and not have any vehicles or uniforms with a company name or logo. They may even be in plain clothes. When the scammer arrives, they will ask you questions about what kind of vehicle you drive so that they can tell you how much the service will cost.

Once you agree to the price and allow them to begin working on your car, they may provide a very high estimate or refuse to honor their original price. This is when they try to take advantage of the fact that they have your keys and you want to get into your car.

Contact Police

If you are suspicious of a locksmith during this process, then refuse the services and call the police. If a locksmith has already begun working on your car, do not pay them any money until you have verified their identity, the price they quoted, and that they are legitimate.

Spotting scammers is not always easy. A genuine locksmith will never ask you to pay over the phone, and they will only accept payment once the job is complete.

Don't be fooled by copycats who use similar company names and logos when hiring a locksmith. After losing your keys, the last thing you want to do is get scammed by an impostor pretending to be a reputable locksmith. All GreenPro Locksmiths are licensed and insured with decades of experience protecting homes and businesses across the city!

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Nov 30, 2023
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