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How Your Locks May Affect Your Home Insurance

How Your Locks May Affect Your Home Insurance

Home insurance is essential to homeowners for their peace of mind. With a good package, you’d get financial compensation against natural calamity, unforeseen loss, or damages. However, you cannot get a good premium without a reliable lock and home security system.

Let us look at different lock systems and how they can affect your insurance rates.

1. Five-Lever Mortise Deadbolts

They are commonly found on external doors and must be inserted in the mortise.

  • Security Level:

The number of levers in a mortise lock indicates its security level. Most insurers specify at least five levers to achieve the highest standards.

Insurance Consideration: A home insurance may mandatorily specify BS3621 standard five-lever mortise deadbolts on all external doors. Insurers might also offer lower prices for contents cover when locks are installed on all doors and ground-floor windows.

2. Key-Operated Multi-Point Locks

These systems have three, four, and five locking points that activate simultaneously with the help of keys. They are often seen on uPVC and composite doors.

  • Security Level:

The top, bottom, and middle of the door are reinforced with multi-point locks.

  • Insurance Consideration: The main entrance to your house is required by insurance companies to be secured with a minimum of five locking points. Look for locks that have TS007 three-star Kitemark or SS312 Diamond Approval which are tested for their resistance to break-ins used by burglars.

3. Smart Locks and Biometric Locks

Smart Locks: Locks from these involve wireless technology and your home internet network support, which means they are flexible and you can reprogram them easily. With them, you can add or remove users whenever you wish without involving a locksmith.

  • Biometric Locks:

These locks implement personal bio-information-based authentication, like fingerprints, retinal scans, etc., for access authentication.

  • Insurance Considerations:

Although some insurance companies give preferential treatment to biometric locks, they do register smart locks as the ones to be used conveniently among other options. You can install the smart lock which will make rekeying a waste of money when someone leaves the house or a key is misplaced.

In addition, smart lock systems allow property managers and realtors to give up-to-date contractors and external deal influencers access to your home while you are away.

Critical factors to keep in mind

  • When it comes to ensuring the well-being of homeowners, insurers are big on tough deadbolts.
  • One must be careful about security with a stormproof keypad and smart lock.
  • Ensure that all access points, not just the main door, are locked and hard to breach.
  • Placing a variety of security measures in layers is likely to get you some discount.
  • Make sure you understand all requirements and stay in contact with your insurer.

Need Quality Locks to Achieve Cheaper Premium?

Buying a trustworthy lock doesn't only offer you home protection but also gives you the advantage of getting insurance savings. Make sure to provide a definite lock type when taking up insurance, and consider lock upgrade where necessary. To assist in installation, use an experienced locksmith.

For all of your residential and commercial lock installation needs, GreenPro Locksmith is always ready to help.

May 12, 2024
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