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Key Stuck In the Lock? Here Is What To Do

Key Stuck In the Lock? Here Is What To Do

You may have experienced the frustration of having a key stuck in a lock that won't budge. Sometimes it could be an old set of locks and keys that you found when organizing your room, or it could be the key to the front door lock, the shed, a cupboard, or something else entirely.

Whatever the situation, it is always a hassle trying to figure out how to remove a jammed key from a lock. Nevertheless, worry no more, as we will share the top efficient methods for removing a jammed key in this article.

You should first get a clear understanding of the reasons why a key gets stuck in a lock before learning about the solutions. Even if you are unfamiliar with the design of a lock, it is still a good idea to be aware of the most frequent causes.

Why Keys Get Stuck - Common Causes

  • Forceful entry or unsuitable key use
  • Dirt buildup
  • Rusts
  • A loose plug.
  • Poor maintenance

Techniques for Removing a Stuck Key from a Lock

The Push Plug Technique

Before bringing in the pros or breaking the lock, try this option if key is jammed in the door lock and you find yourself locked out. The issue with most pin-tumbler locks is that the plug"”a small, circular piece in the shape of a coin"”becomes loose with time. It frequently comes off slightly sticking out from the lock.

When the key is inserted, this component rotates to prevent the key from lining up with the pin tumblers, which would unlock the lock. As a result, you must make sure the key is straight.

To accomplish this, fully enclose the key in the keyhole. Continue turning the key until it returns to the keyhole's original position after being inserted. As you turn the key, carefully press, hold, and plug.

The technique should result in a click, which indicates success. On the way out, gently wiggle the key.

Lubrication Method

We have a fair probability of trying other solutions if the lock and key you are having trouble with are not those for your front door, but you will need access to a few materials. One option is to use spray lubricants to make the lock mechanism more streamlined. Consider using a lubricant that dries quickly and repels dirt.

Where the keyhole and the key contact, lubricant should be sprayed. As much as you can, shake the key within the lock and turn it around. This aids in lubricant distribution inside the lock. It ought to eventually give way so that you may release the key.

You must maintain a lock's lubrication to avoid it becoming stuck. You can use spray lubricants or other lubricants made of petroleum. However, oil's ability to collect dirt is the lone disadvantage of that.

Seek a Professional Assistance

Undoubtedly, one of the solutions mentioned above will be a huge help in getting your key out of a lock when it becomes stuck. However, if you try them and they are unsuccessful, you should call GreenPro Locksmith. By doing this, you can avoid damaging the jammed key within the lock and lower your repair costs.

You may easily pry out stuck parts, get a new key, or even replace the complete assembly with the assistance of top leading rekeying experts.

Nov 30, 2023
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