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Laser Cut Key vs. Regular Cut Keys

Laser Cut Key vs. Regular Cut Keys

Over the years, keys and locking systems have evolved. They are not just basic metal cuts for restricting access. Vehicles and homeowners can access traditional keys as well as laser, transponder, key cards, or smart keys. The enhancement of keys has also changed how locksmiths deliver their services. You must be up-to-date and experienced as a locksmith before delivering satisfactory key-cutting or key replacement services.

However, in this article, we will concentrate on differentiating between regular and laser-cut keys.

Laser-cut Keys

Insider keys, also known as sidewinder keys or laser-cut keys, are awesome substitutes for regular car keys. Since their introduction to high-end vehicles in the 1990s, their popularity has developed significantly, thanks to their upgraded security.

Nowadays, numerous distinctive auto models offer laser-cut keys. Compared to regular keys, they are thicker and tougher due to the cuts. Plus, a laser key has cuts on both sides, permitting the locks to open in either way. Keys with laser cutting also have a transponder chip. Each chip is designed to be compatible with a specific car. Vehicles using laser-cut keys cannot work when the transponder chip isn't close enough. When compared to regular keys, this feature makes laser-cut keys more secure.

Regular Cut Keys

Regularly made with a key-cutting machine, these are known as traditional keys. The larger part of home improvement stores carry this hardware, making it easier to copy them. Traditional cut keys have metal notches on one side only, which suggests that you can just put them into the lock from that direction.


  • Design

With mechanical entry points, laser-cut keys have a great design. They have notches within the center for expanded thickness and toughness rather than on the sides like regular keys. These two cut gaps allow insertion into a lock from any point.

  • Security

Laser-cut keys are known for their high level of security. The complexity serves as a more grounded protection against unauthorized replication, even though it is more difficult to replicate. Whereas replicating regular cut keys may seem easier, they're less secure.

  • Cutting Tool

A standard metal-cutting tool can deliver regular-cut keys, while laser-cut keys require advanced tools. Through the utilization of advanced laser-cutting tools, the design is carved out within the center with the most extreme accuracy.

  • Opening other Automobiles

Car doors of the same model can be opened with regular cut keys. On account of their unique construction, laser-cut keys cannot give customization alternatives for vehicles.

  • The Appearance

Laser-cut keys have a more polished and shiny surface than regular-cut keys, which look less refined and straightforward.

Which is Suitable; Laser Cut Key or Regular Cut Key?

Select a key depending on your preferences, as laser-cut and regular keys have particular characteristics. However, high-end vehicles have improved security with the utilization of laser-cut keys due to the trouble in replication.

Due to its special design that utilizes a transponder chip, it forms a strong anti-lock picking defense component. For regular cut keys, it gives a high level of security but they are less costly. Still, they are easy to duplicate.


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Dec 31, 2023
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