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Little-Known Places You Can Store a Home Safe

Little-Known Places You Can Store a Home Safe

Many people assume that storing valuables in a bank safe deposit box is the safest option. After all, banks have the best security and alarm systems, which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A safe deposit box's contents, on the other hand, are rarely insured, although goods in your home are usually covered by your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy. In addition to this, keeping original copies of documents that you need right away, like passports, spare keys, wills in a safe deposit box is not a good idea. Bank safe deposit boxes are only open during branch hours and are usually sealed when the bank gets a death notice, whereas you may suddenly need access to these documents. Because of these reasons, homes are great options for keeping special documents, but they need to be protected and hidden in a good manner.

Some Items to Keep Safe In Homes

Some items are especially important to keep safe in one's home. The first example of this is birth certificates and passports. Renewing passports and birth certificates are hard processes so they should be in your reach whenever you need them. The second example of this is a list of family doctors, prescription medications, and vaccination information. You may go through some type of medical emergency and you or a family member may need these type of information. The third example of this is the papers related to investments and bank accounts as well as some cash. The fourth example of this is your original social security cards. The fifth example is the rest of the legal documents such as wills and attorney information. The sixth example is any type of spare keys; they might come in handy if you need copies of your keys. Finally, the seventh example is extra money and valuable jewelry.

3 Places to Store Your Home Safes

Hiding home safes can be a difficult job but not anymore with GreenPro Locksmith. Because we know that some house safes are easier to conceal than others. Some places in one's home will keep your valuables out of sight and keep them safe. The first one is the attic. When someone breaks into your house, they will probably want to be done with it as soon as possible. So, they probably won't wander around searching for your valuables in the attic. It is difficult to access and a great place for camouflage. Because of these reasons, an attic is a great place for keeping a home safe. The next stop is the kitchen. A house safe can be disguised to look like one of your cabinets. It will look like regular old storage but will be safe for your valuable items. You can even customize it according to your wishes. There are many great places in the kitchen to hide your valuables. The third place is the stairs. The stairs are also a good option because it provides numerous options for concealing a small home safe. The first is storage beneath the steps. It usually looks like a door or a compartment. However, it can also include a secret or concealed compartment.

If you decide that you want your valuables to be in well-hidden places in your home, please don't hesitate to call us today to consult. In addition to home safes, our nearby locksmiths are very talented and are ready to help you with many services such as safe unlocking in many areas. Call us today to learn more!

Nov 30, 2023
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