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Locksmith Tips for Landlords

Locksmith Tips for Landlords

As a landlord or rental property manager, part of your responsibility is to ensure the safety and security of your property. Periodically, you have to check how functional is the central AC, electrical connections, gas leakages, and the effectiveness of the security system. The entrance, back, garage locks, and CCTV cameras must work perfectly.

If your security system is not up-to-date or you are a newbie facility manager, then this article is for you. Learn the tips to keeping your locks and security working as well as steps to provide an adequate level of protection for your tenants and loved ones.

Evaluate the Building for Security Breaches

Landlords must understand every aspect of their property, including the security network. Whether it is an acquired property or developed from the scratch, understanding what security you have on ground will save you from hassles and heartaches in the long run. Conducting a security evaluation of the building will open up many security vulnerabilities you never knew existed!

Conduct Door Lock Inspection Throughout the Building

This one goes without saying, but it is an important aspect of security and safety that building managers neglect. It is crucial you inspect the locks in your building to ensure all of them are working perfectly. Every lock in your property must meet strict security standards and must also be robust.

Apart from the safety and security of your tenants, another reason to check the locks is to be up-to-date with insurance requirements. If your locks are wiggly or floppy, it will be nearly impossible to get your claims in the event of a burglary.

The truth is, if your building is old, probably your locks will be outdated. Consider upgrading to either keypad or smart locks. Lock upgrades are not as expensive as most landlords think. And the good news is that a lock upgrade will help prevent break-ins in your property - thereby saving you from hustles and expenditures.

Check Ground Floor Window Locks

For all high-rise buildings, you need to keep an eye on the ground floor windows. Check if the locks are fitted properly and whether they are working well. Landlords and building management usually neglect window locks. That is why on many occasions, thieves have penetrated some buildings through the ground floor window.

Your security priorities should not stop at the doors, you also need to give maximum attention to the windows as well.

Secure the Outbuildings

The outbuildings in a rental property include garages, sheds, or any external storage spaces. You need to ensure that every part of the outbuilding is secured. It should be of note that bikes, expensive tools, and garden equipment are stored in such spaces. And most times, the garage is attached to the main building. Meaning that any thieve that had access to the garage has entered the building.

Also, having sheds, garages, summerhouses, or more attracts a higher amount of rent from the tenants. For that reason, it is also the landlords' responsibility to ensure the safety of the outbuildings.

Search for a Trusted Locksmith

Lock emergencies occur even when the security system in your building is in perfect condition. Tenants will close their doors while their keys are inside, keys will get lost, damaged, or broken. So you need a reliable locksmith that will always come to the rescue. For all your building security needs, do not hesitate to contact GreenPro Locksmith. We go to great lengths to ensure that every aspect of your building security is in perfect working condition.

Nov 30, 2023
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