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Locksmith Tips for Your Sliding Glass Door Lock

Locksmith Tips for Your Sliding Glass Door Lock

Sliding glass doors allow the homeowner to enjoy the beautiful scenery and have easy access to their balcony or patio. However, they can be a risk if they are not adequately safeguarded. 

Luckily, this problem is solvable by taking some preventive measures and having a locksmith do door lock installation in your apartment.

Come along, let us look into some locksmith tips for your sliding glass door lock.

Evaluate Your Current Lock

First of all, look at the lock on the door. Does it include a common key lock only, or does it have the option of extra security features like a deadbolt? Most doors of older sliding glass types come with simple locks that are difficult to bypass. Consider approaching a locksmith to change the old system to a better alternative.

Strengthen the Locking Mechanism

Including your most suitable lock isn’t enough; the sliding mechanism is still less strong. Locksmith professionals recommend strengthening the strike plate which is the metal part fitted to the door frame where the lock is located. Increasing the length of the screws or opting for a heavier strike plate builds up resistance to break-in.

Add Additional Locking Features

Being paranoid about the built-in lock is not a good option. Think of putting more high-quality locking features to secure the house better. These are suitable choices:

Security Bars: 

This is determined by adjustable iron bars that cross the door frame diagonally, thus preventing the door from being opened or forced.

Security Pins: 

Putting these pins on the top and bottom of a door track will serve as an obstruction against door removal from its rolling trail.

Door Reinforcement Kits: 

These kits also come with specialized features providing more security like reinforcement strike plates and door frame shims that make the door even tighter against break-ins.

Secure the Glass

While the tempered glass that is normally used in sliding doors can withstand shattering, it is just not unbreakable. For this, you need to install a security film on your windows. These transparent films are placed on the glass and are more difficult to break.

Use Deterrents

Visual scare tactics can be a good start for security purposes. Install on/off motion lights that light the way when a person gets close. Consider putting a "Beware of Dog" sign, even if you don't have one. This way, passersby won't cause you inconveniences.

Maintain Your Locks

The locks are just like any mechanical gadget that needs regular maintenance. Pay special attention to the keyhole and the moving parts, and use oil-based lubrication to keep the mechanism in good working order to prevent jamming.

Consider Smart Locks

Look into the smart lock option for your sliding glass door, which offers great benefits in terms of convenience and control. These locks, which can pair up with your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, let you lock and unlock your door remotely.

Besides, they can be connected to other smart home devices.

Professional Installation and Advice

Since you want to achieve the highest level of security and comfort, it is time for you to seek counsel from a professional locksmith. They would analyze your door and recommend the brand and model suitable for your needs and budget. Besides, a qualified locksmith can perfectly install any extra locks or security enhancement systems. 


Your sliding glass door lock is a feature of home security that cannot be overlooked.

A fall-free home is a stress-free home. To solve any problem regarding door lock installation, call Green Pro Locksmith.

Apr 29, 2024
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