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Most Common Home Security Mistakes

Most Common Home Security Mistakes

Homeowners often make little but costly mistakes regarding their home's security. These mistakes might look inconsequential, but they can affect the home's security greatly, endangering the lives and properties of occupants. In this guide, our experts have highlighted the most common mistakes and why you should avoid them.

Lack of Security System

When it comes to your safety, your family, and your valuables, parting away with some money should be considered an investment. Also, some homeowners don't subscribe to having a security system because they live in a safe neighborhood.

However, you should know that no neighborhood is totally safe. So, whether you reside in a safe neighborhood or one with a high crime rate, a home security system provides the residence with an additional layer of protection. The home security system helps to keep you and your properties safe in the event of an intruder attack. More so, when criminals know that you have had a locksmith install a home security system, they will be deterred from attacking the property.

Investing in a security system that includes cameras, alarms, and remote access helps you monitor what's happening around your home while you are away. Feel free to consult GreenPro Locksmith to get the most suitable security system for your home           

Keeping Windows and Doors Open

Failing to lock the doors and windows at certain times can seriously threaten the home's security. Ensure the doors and windows are well-locked when leaving the house or before bedtime.

Remember that doors and windows are the entry points used by intruders to gain access to a residential property. An open door or window means that the burglar won't have to break a sweat before stealing your valuables. Thus, avoid making this mistake by double-checking (and possibly triple-checking) the doors and windows are secured before exiting the property.

Although locking doors and windows might seem basic, it makes all the difference in your home security. Besides locking the doors and windows, consider hiring a residential locksmith to install deadbolts and security bars for additional security. This will give intruders a hard time breaking into your property.

Failing To Secure Sliding Glass Doors and Windows

Sliding glass doors are another common route intruders, or burglars use to access a residence. Still, many homeowners fail to secure this entry point properly. The assumption that the latch of the glass door is enough to keep it locked and secured is flawed. Most burglars use tools to override this security and enter the property.

So, after purchasing and installing a sliding glass door, get a locksmith to install a security bar or Charley bar. The Charley bar - which is an additional security feature - is a metal bar that is placed on the track of the sliding glass to prevent it from being opened.

This is where GreenPro Locksmith comes in because hiring a reliable locksmith company to install the Charley bar or any other reinforcement provides an added layer of security to the sliding glass door. Therefore, if a burglar tries to break into the apartment using the sliding glass door, he would have difficulty doing so.

Our seasoned locksmiths are a call away! We will come to you for any locksmith service.

Nov 30, 2023
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