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Myths About How Criminals Open The Locked Cars

Myths About How Criminals Open The Locked Cars

Some car owners at a time has expressed concern about criminals breaking into their car. Statistics show that even the most technologically advanced cars have been subject to burglars. While it is easy to write off car theft as something that will never happen to you, even the safest places and security-conscious persons have fallen victim to car theft.

In this article, we will take a look at a few myths about how criminals open locked cars, and what you can do to guarantee better security of your cars.

Myths About Stolen Cars

Several myths and misconceptions exist about how secure cars are. In most cases, they do more harm than good, leading car owners to overprotect their cars and neglect to protect them when they should.

"My Car Is Not Worth Stealing"

Many car owners with older models believe the myth that an old car is not worth stealing; this is untrue. Older cars are more likely to be targeted by criminals, owing to their outdated and easily pregnable security systems. It doesn't matter how ordinary you feel your car is or how unlikely you think it will be stolen. It could still be a target.

Much more, normalcy is the best disguise for criminals. It allows them to blend into the crowd after stealing your car.

"Only By Picking the Car's Lock Can They Gain Entry"

It is a commonly believed myth that car criminals gain entry into cars by picking the lock. This misconception has led many to believe keyless cars are a better option. While it is true that keyless entry cars provide better security than cars with key entry, it is also important to note that car criminals do not have the luxury of time to pick locks as they plan to gain entry quickly and make away with your car. Hence, they employ other measures such as using a wire hanger, smashing the window, and special tools which do not allow them to waste time picking the lock.

"Only Car Criminals Break Into Cars."

While it is true that car criminals break into cars, they are not the only people who target locked cars. Burglars also break into cars to steal items like the brainbox, stereo, remote kill-switches, rims, tires, and other accessories. Hence, while stealing cars is the main target of criminals, other vehicle components could also be carted away.

"Cars Rarely Get Stolen"

One of the most prevalent myth is that car theft crimes are not common and happen periodically to other people. However, reports show that car theft has risen over the years, with even the most careful and security-conscious persons falling victim. Hence, rather than hoping it does not happen, it's best to take precautions to keep you safe.


"Safety first" is no longer a catchy phrase. It is a watchword that you must herald in keeping your cars safe from criminals. To ensure your car is safe from theft and criminals, it may be time to change your locks or request recommendations on the best safety practice. Contact GreenPro Locksmith for help in securing your car. We also provide car lockout service, lock replacement, and emergency services.

Nov 30, 2023
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