Quick Ways to Open a Lock Box Without a Key

Lock boxes are popular low security devices that are commonly used to keep cash. They are different from safes as they use steel that is less than 12 gauge. Being locked out of your lock box, especially a cash box, can be quite frustrating. Fortunately, there are quick and simple ways to open the lock box.

Disclaimer: We do not intend for this information to be used in criminal activities. Our aim is to educate our readers and clients on what to do in case they are locked out of their lock box and alleviate the anxiety that one may have.


Bypassing involves manipulating the lock’s actuator. A tool thinner and longer than the key will do the trick. Insert it through the keyway until you feel the back of the lock. This maneuver allows you to turn the mechanism that connects to the cam (part of the lock that rotates to open it). Some combination lock boxes have standard reset codes that you can use to perform a factory reset bypass. Check the reset code process on your lock’s manual.


Some lock boxes use a padlock which can be shimmed open. Shimming is executed by inserting two thin metal pieces into the gap between the lock body and the shackle and pressing down to trigger the unlock mechanism. The metal pieces can be easily fashioned from an aluminum can using a pair of scissors. Both keyed and combination padlocks are vulnerable to shimming.


Picking using homemade picks is rarely successful. If you have time, buy lock picking tools as it will make the process easier and increase the likelihood of success. The picking process involves the following steps:

  • Insert the tension wrench into the lock’s keyway.
  • Apply tension as though you are turning the key.
  • Insert the lock pick and push it to the back of the keyway.
  • Move the lock pick up, down, in, and out while maintaining tension using the wrench
  • Once the pick is in place, rotate the tension wrench and the lock will open


Wheel combination locks can be decoded by following these simple steps:

  • Apply tension to the lock by pulling on the padlock shackle or slightly opening the box.
  • Move each wheel, one number at a time, feeling how freely each number moves
  • The most mobile number in a particular wheel is part of the combination.
  • The lock should open once all the numbers are in sequence.


Keyed lock cylinders can be opened by drilling. There will be no need to buy a new lock box as only the lock is destroyed and it can be replaced separately.


This is the simplest method you can use to open a lock box without a key or code. Place a crowbar or a pry bar between the door and frame of your lock box, then press down to force it open.


Using any cutting tool, preferably an angle grinder, you can open a lock box by cutting the locking mechanism. If done carefully, the lock box can remain intact, but often it is also damaged in the process.

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