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Reasons to Replace Your Company's Locks

Reasons to Replace Your Company's Locks

Besides accessibility for staff and customers, a good lock boosts the security of a commercial building, as it prevents burglars from making a hit on the establishment. Locks are to buildings what armed forces are to a nation. They both provide defense against external attack. In the case of buildings, it is to protect the occupants, properties, and assets from theft. 

The last thing you want as a business owner is to have an intruder make away with high-priced equipment or sensitive information. 

It is good that managers appreciate the role locks play in protecting their business assets. Here are situations that should make a company consider lock installation, replacement, and upgrade 

Moving To a New Location

Expansion in business often leads to moving into a new office space as the company aims to improve its operations. While packing from the old office, you can easily forget to change the locks of the new space. 

Lock change is necessary because you are not the first person to have access to the property. Other people ranging from realtors, former owners/tenants, to contractors, may still have a key.

Ideally, no intruder should enter your building to carry out criminal acts, but we don't live in an ideal world. So it's best to be on the safe side by replacing the old locks with new ones. 

Building Renovation

Renovation of the building is a welcome development in every establishment. In some cases, the renovated areas may call for lock replacement. The current locks may likely be outdated. Also, the locks may look out of place in the new aesthetic features of the building. Thus, it would be best if you changed the locks to suit the building's new style.

Lost Keys

The daily grind of running the business will take a toll on you. And you could start misplacing things frequently. One such item is the property's keys. The mistake is not exclusive to business owners. Employees who have access to spare keys to the property can also lose them. 

No need for safe blame or trying to criticize your employee for losing keys. Instead, focus on the next line of action - changing the office's locks. At this point, the services of a locksmith should be employed to change the locks. This is because the keys might get into the wrong hands, and you wouldn't want that to happen.

Employee Layoff 

Restructuring is one of the challenges a business may face while expanding. It involves the acquisition of new equipment, operational expansion, and the addition and dismissal of employees. Though most times, the motive is for the growth and betterment of the company, the affected employees can have criminal intentions up their sleeves!

To prevent your business from being a victim of their activities, you should be proactive and change the entire locks. That way, they cannot intrude on the property and gain access to sensitive materials or equipment. If you can afford it, try to upgrade the lock system to a modern one. Call GreenPro Locksmith and your lock installation, replacement or rekeying needs will be met.

Nov 30, 2023
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