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Reasons Why You Need Commercial Locksmith for Your Business Fire Inspections

Reasons Why You Need Commercial Locksmith for Your Business Fire Inspections

As a business owner, apart from installing the best locks and doors to keep your business building, staff, and customers safe, you must also provide safety signage and precautions for fire prevention. Doing this is not enough, your commercial building must pass the fire inspection depending on the state's rules. Therefore, all hands must be on deck to avoid repeating the inspection. 

To ensure that you have the right safety measures and precautions in place, you will need the help of a commercial locksmith. A commercial locksmith is an expert responsible for the overall safety of your commercial buildings when it comes to locks and doors. They have the necessary expertise to find out loopholes in your security system and also determine the best measures to take to pass the fire inspection and keep your building safe from fire hazards. So, let's take a look at why you need to hire a commercial locksmith for your business fire inspections.

Inspect Your Doors 

You cannot install any type of door in your building. The doors you are installing as a business owner should be fire-rated doors and should be well aligned and pass some inspection criteria laid down by the National Protection Fire Association (NPFA). 

Some of these inspection requires the strength of the latch, the closing characteristics of your door, the placement, alignment, and so on. Therefore, the best thing to do to ensure that all these precautions are in place is to hire a commercial locksmith. They will take a look at the locks to ensure that they are properly functioning, the latch of your door to ensure that the door closes properly and that no hinges are missing. 

Upgrade Doors and Locks

Periodic maintenance of your fire-rated door should be a priority, not just something to do when the next fire inspection is approaching. A routine checkup allows you to spot minor problems fast before they become a big issue. In addition, doing this leads to better longevity and reliability of your fire-rated doors and devices. 

Install and Update Exit Devices

Another service a commercial locksmith can offer is ensuring that your exit devices are well installed. For new commercial buildings, exit devices have to be installed on all exists to pass the first fire inspection. A commercial locksmith is responsible for installing and wiring your exit devices to perform correctly. Ideally, an exit device should have the ability to turn off an alarm and notify the fire department in case of any emergency. 

Give Professional Advice 

Commercial Locksmiths are the experts to turn to when you need professional advice about the overall security of your business building, including fire inspection precautions. Whether you are wondering about the best fire-rated doors to get or you have lock-related issues, a commercial locksmith is an expert to run to. At GreenPro Locksmith, we ensure that we are always there for you when you need us for any lock-related and fire inspection services. Our locksmiths are experienced when it comes to all NPFA fire inspections. Call us today.

Nov 30, 2023
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