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Risks of Keyless Entry: Protecting Your Vehicle

Risks of Keyless Entry: Protecting Your Vehicle

Technology has proven to be the pivot of convenience and ease! You can now unlock your car door without stress. Yet, we tend to relax because of the privileges made possible by tech, which may affect our security consciousness.

Do not be surprised that smart thieves can drive off with cars in a snap by manipulating the signals from the key fob. Though car key replacement could be helpful; but car owner carelessness could be detrimental. Therefore, to help you avoid being a victim of increasing car theft, here are practical tips.

How Keyless Car Theft Works

Keyless car theft, also known as relay theft, is described as the teamwork of two criminals equipped with relays. One burglar remains near the car while the second person is positioned where the car key is kept, often outside the victim's house. The device held by the thief close to the house grabs the signal from the key fob and sends it to the other device near the car. This confuses the car security system, helping the robbers to open the car and drive away. The operation takes only a few seconds and is a hidden yet efficient way of car theft.

Always Lock Your Car

This may sound obvious, but not everyone locks their vehicle every time they exit it. You could be hurrying to meet up an appointment or you rushed home to pick up some files – always ensure your car doors are locked!

And it is not only about locking the car doors. Ensure that you are activating all the security features, such as the car alarm, as this will discourage thieves from attempting.

Reprogram Your Keys

Securing against theft for second-hand vehicle owners may be achieved by key fob programming or reprogramming.

Though reprogramming key fobs could be extremely expensive, you should ask a professional locksmith for guidance. Remember, this is a one-time measure that will prevent the opportunity for old keys or stolen keys to open your car.

Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

In case your vehicle has wireless connections through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, disabling this option will lower the chance of key-hacking. 

Have CCTV Cameras on Your Property

Installing CCTV at the entrance of your garage or the parking lot is a smart move to enhance your home security as well as keep your car safe.

Although it may not stop theft, it should be viewed as the deterrence and the aftermath. It is also a useful element during police investigations. 

Use a Steering Wheel Lock

Although the steering wheel lock looks like an old-fashioned way of reducing the risks of car theft, it remains one of the most effective deterrents.

Besides locking your steering wheel, it also discourages the thief through its visual impact. Most cars in today's market have self-locking wheels built-in, but extra protection is always good.


For more details on guarding your homes or vehicles, GreenPro Locksmith would be happy to assist.

We will give you all the help you need from choosing what lock is perfect for you to setting up a monitored home security system. Not only that, we offer car key replacement, and key fob programming as well. Our licensed locksmith team is available to serve you whenever you need us.

Feb 18, 2024
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